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Unrest in Egypt A Taxing Opportunity for the Left

Posted on February 2 2011 11:40 am
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I’m sure it will come as some surprise to you that the protesters in Egypt are actually protesting because they haven’t been taxed enough. Millions of people have been risking their lives and facing down the government because they just want to give their corrupt government more money. If only Mubarak had taxed them more, they would have been nice and happy and everyone would be satisfied in the knowledge that their contribution lined the pockets of politicians helped the poor. I know it’s hard to believe, but that’s what Jerry Brown, Governor of California wants you to believe.

Citing the pro-democracy unrest in Egypt and Tunisia, Gov. Jerry Brown called it “unconscionable” that GOP legislators are vowing to block his attempt to ask voters to extend tax hikes to balance the budget.

“When democratic ideals and calls for the right to vote are stirring the imagination of young people in Egypt and Tunisia and other parts of the world, we in California can’t say now is the time to block a vote of the people,” Brown said in his first State of the State address in nearly 30 years.

Wow. That’s a stretch. “Democratic ideals” somehow, in Brown’s mind, are more taxes on people who are already suffering under high taxes, unemployment and foreclosure. Of course, in my opinion, anyone who voted for this clown deserves any tax hike they get. It’s the same here in Illinois, Land of the Lost where our governors make our license plates and people never learn. They’re all so shocked that their income taxes went up 66% but they voted for a guy (Pat Quinn) who ran on raising them!

There is a genuine correlation between the (truly) democratic protesters in Egypt (although it’s getting harder and harder to pick them out of the crowd) and the Tea Party. Both groups have clearly been pushed to their limit and would like their country back. (Of course, it still remains to be seen if Egypt’s “Tea Party” will allow the Muslim Brotherhood to take over its message and the country.) I think anyone on the streets of Cairo would take offense to the suggestion that they’re doing what they’re doing, in the face of beatings and possibly death, because they want the right to be taxed more. Is it just me, or is it really gross when politicians use moments like this to further their bad ideas?

The Left will use any tactic necessary to push their agenda including try to hijack a movement.

But this time things are different. In fact, the people are telling us — in their own way — they sense something is profoundly wrong. They see that their leaders are divided when they should be decisive and acting with clear purpose.

That’s right, Governor, the people do know something is profoundly wrong. Unemployment continues to rise, money continues to fly off the printing press and disappear into unknown places, the dollar keeps falling, the housing market hasn’t hit bottom yet and leftists are still fighting to increase taxes! The people are flummoxed! We can’t understand what the hell you’re thinking! Our leaders are not divided. We just elected new leaders in record numbers and they are not divided from the people. They want to cut spending, repeal Obama’s unconstitutional “health care” plan, and cut taxes to relieve the economy. The only people divided from us, are those on the “other” side of the aisle (and possibly a thin majority of voters in California who made Brown’s election possible.)

The American People had our revolt at the polls. Our democracy works just fine. While we pray for a democratic outcome in Egypt, let us also pray that Brown stops insulting our intelligence by telling us his new taxes are democracy at work.

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