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Pro-Terrorist Professor Rehired

Posted on February 1 2011 3:04 pm
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Pro-Hamas, pro-Muslim Brotherhood activist Kristofer Petersen was rehired to the faculty of Brooklyn College after protests from the anti-Israel academic left:

Brooklyn College President Karen Gould today announced the re-hire of Kristofer Petersen. His appointment to teach a graduate course on the Politics of the Middle East had been rescinded last week, after a furor over his avid pro-Gaza writings, activism and slanted syllabus was brought to light.

In her patently ridiculous statement, Pres. Gould mouths platitudes about academic freedom, and says of her decision:

Today, the Department of Political Science and its appointments committee voted unanimously to recommend Kristofer Petersen-Overton to teach a graduate course on the Middle East. Based on information that has come to light, they are confident he has sufficient depth of knowledge and the intellectual capacity to successfully lead a graduate seminar.

It was a professor in the Political Science who initially hired Petersen. I have his letter in which he recognizes Petersen’s troubling background but expresses confidence in his teaching anyway. That professor then issued a statement along with other PoliSci faculty bemoaning the choice to rescind the appointment. So, the decision to rescind the recission of the appointment was made by the same group that first made it.  Well, that’s comforting, isn’t it? Only in an academic bizarro-world.

Read the rest at Maggie’s Farm here.

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