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ICYMI: Morning Roundup

Posted on February 1 2011 11:34 am
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Israel has been helping President Hosni Mubarak’s embattled regime. In abrogation of the ’79 Camp David accords, Egyptian troops have been allowed into the Sinai Peninsula. Two battalions have moved in to the demilitarized area to deal with protesters in the area.

More rockets fall from Gaza near Israeli towns in the Negev. Both Ofakim and Netivot saw Grad rocket hits, causing some property damage and sending several people to the hospital to be treated for shock.

There might be a retrial in the cards for Cisco in a patent case. Seems an Israeli investor bought a failing start-up for a song and then Cisco infringed on one of its patents. During the trial in Texas, the Cisco lawyer made anti-Semitic comments, compared the whole thing to the trial of Jesus and complained that the plaintiff is a greedy Israeli Jew. Cisco still was out $3.7 million, but the plaintiff felt the defense’s prejudicial comments reduced the size of the award.

Israel is expanding security agreements with Germany. Visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel signed agreements on a range of issues including national security, agriculture, environmental issues and others.

Nazi Collaborator John Kalymon is has been given a deportation order by Detroit judge. Kalymon was stripped of citizenship three years ago for shooting and killing Jews during roundups in the Ukraine. Though it’s not clear if any country will accept him.

Some strange bedfellows are ready for some football. A team in the Israeli Football League is made up of players from Ramallah as well as residents of communities in Judea and Samaria. They recently played a team quarterbacked by the son of Israel’s Army chief of staff.

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