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Your SUV Caused the Egyptian Riots

Posted on February 1 2011 1:00 pm
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Global Warming alarmist, blogger, and amateur diplomat, Joe Romm, was correct when he wrote that that there is a cruel and inveterate villain inflaming passions in Egypt – hunger. Unfortunately, however, he couldn’t just leave it there. Like all good left-wing propagandists, he obeyed Rahm Emanuel’s maxim that “no crisis should go to waste,” by tarring industrious capitalists – who incidentally actually produce food — with the blame.

In fact, the way Romm characterizes it, the demonstrations in Cairo are a modern-day remake of the assault on the Bastille, with the American people in the collective role of a carbon-belching Marie Antoinette, tooling around in a fully-loaded Hummer H2 and telling hungry African children to “eat cake”

…leading political experts say the Middle East rioting is driven in part by the dramatic rise in food prices, which the agricultural experts say is driven in large part by oil prices and the extreme weather we’ve seen in the last few months. Of course, the climate science experts have been saying for a while now that the extreme weather is driven in large part by human emissions…

Read that “capitalist pig emissions” – cooking the planet, whacking the weather, and destroying crops in Africa just to enrich greedy Americans (or as Romm characterized those who questioned his logic: “anti-science, pro-pollution” “climate ostriches” and “anti-science extremist[s]”).

I wonder if Romm would call the impartial and objective temperature stats for the past decade-plus “anti-science” and “pro-pollution” too, because they’re not exactly backing him up, either. In fact the only statistic that has been spiking a fever lately is the cost of food after being goosed by trillions of President Obama’s freshly-printed money. Which, at the risk of sounding like another “climate ostrich,” might be a more plausible explanation for empty cupboards and frayed nerves in Northern Africa. That and the fact that Romm’s Chicken Little buddies have bullied policy-makers into transferring more and more of the world’s corn supply into machines instead of humans.

And yet, Romm just wants to bash capitalists:

…The question is why specifically now have the Egyptians and Tunisians rioted after decades of anti-democratic rule?  Certainly one can ignore the experts and say that it is a complete coincidence that the rioting occurred as food prices hit record levels — in spite of the fact that the last time there was this kind of rioting globally food prices were at record levels, which is precisely why experts were predicting that record hide food prices would lead to riots.  Now the question is, why are food prices are at record levels?  Again, reality pretty much speaks for itself here.  Extreme weather is a major contributing factor — and our top climate scientists say global warming has contributed.

Reality? Where? In a fantasy bizarro-world where food prices always sky-rocket a dozen years after the end of a warming trend? Or in actual bizarro-world where anti-capitalist leftists will say anything – no matter how ludicrous – to force their ruinous socialist agenda upon the rest of us?

It’s not Joe Six-Pack from Tulsa, with his gas-guzzling Dodge Ram, who came up with the brilliant idea of routing 35% of the global corn supply away from hungry tummies and into cars, just to keep the petroleum-hating gods of the gas tank from raining fire and brimstone upon the earth.

It’s busy-body environmentalist true believers – with their ever-present noses in the private business of industrious farmers – who hinder food production. Poor hapless Bubba may be guilty of noise pollution or poor dentition, but at least he didn’t turn the water off on the former bread basket in California’s Central Valley because he worships a smelt.

Hat tip to Newsbusters.

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