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The Progressives’ Lies Just Keep On A-Comin’

Posted on January 31 2011 8:00 am
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How out of touch, deluded, and mendacious is the professional Left?

Some group called, “the aggressive progressives,” sent me an email, apparently by mistake. Here’s the text of the errant email: 


As you may know, President Obama’s bi-partisan Deficit Commission is considering cuts to Social Security as a way to reduce our national debt.

Social Security is not part of the federal budget, so it does not add a single penny to our national debt. And with high unemployment, cuts to  pensions, and the market crash of 2008, seniors need Social Security more than ever.

What do you think: Should Democrats fight Social Security cuts? Please take our quick 2-question survey. is the oldest online community of Democratic voters and activists, with over 700,000 members. We work year-round for progressive change and we never ask for contributions. We hope you’ll join us and participate in our online discussions and activism!


Bob Fertik, President [emphasis added above]

For what it’s worth the group’s head, Bob Fertik, is a longtime leftist apparatchik who came to the movement via feminism, according to his online bio.

Let’s look at this sentence above from the email: “Social Security is not part of the federal budget, so it does not add a single penny to our national debt.” I’m no accountant but as I understand it what they are saying here may arguably be technically true, but extremely misleading. Even if Social Security obligations are not technically considered to be part of the federal budget that doesn’t mean that U.S. taxpayers aren’t on the hook for those financial commitments that will crush taxpayers in coming years.

As for senior citizens, they tend to be the wealthiest segment of the population, so no, they don’t need Social Security more than ever (if they ever did need it). Social Security redistributes wealth from the productive younger people to old, well established people who don’t need it. It is the world’s longest running Ponzi scheme.

This is liberalism today. Nary a true word escapes the lips of modern leftists who are so busy disguising what they mean and inventing euphemisms in order to trick the public. Their words are cloaked in deception, half-truths, and David Brock/Media Matters-style hairsplitting.

And what kind of group is All you need to do is poke around the group’s website a little to see what its values are. A recent blog post hails the late historian Howard Zinn, an America-hating Communist Party USA member who spent every waking hour of his career spitting on the nation that gave him succor. Zinn once said “I stand to the left of Mao Zedong.” He was not joking.

What else is there to say about such a group?

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