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New Meme: Glenn Beck EXACTLY Like Dead, Forgotten Trash TV Host from the 80s (who was a Democrat)

Posted on January 31 2011 12:00 pm
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As I’ve written before, people who’ve never listened to Rush Limbaugh have bizarre notions about what his show is like. Mark Levin and Michael Savage are a closer fit for the progressive stereotype of the bellicose “right-winger” who insults his callers.

(Unlike Downey, however, Levin and Savage are highly educated and successful, and therefore come by their incapacity to suffer fools gladly honestly.)

So, onto Glenn Beck. Years ago — as Beck admits — he was an addict/alcoholic who verbally abused callers (and rival radio hosts) on the air. I haven’t seen or heard him do that in the few years since he’s been on my personal radar. Your mileage may vary.

One thing those conservative pundits most assuredly do not share with Morton Downey Jr. is the latter’s partnership with Al Sharpton, who is shown in the movie’s trailer calling a Downey member a “punk faggot.” Also in the trailer, talk show host Bill Boggs says Downey and Sharpton “saw something in each other they could use.”

(I’ll leave it to fans of Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity to explain why both men continue to uphold the fraudster Sharpton as a worthy debating partner/”great American.”)

It’s only a trailer, so naturally, the movie’s preview leaves out a few things. According to the official Morton Downey Jr. website (curated by his widow) Mort was “an Officer of the Democratic Party” and “a Presidential consultant to Robert F. Kennedy.”

Mort’s passion for politics and serving the people led him to run for the Demorcratic [sic] (you read that right!) Presidential nomination in 1979.

Oh, don’t worry, Mrs. Downey — some of us saw that “bombshell” coming a hundred yards away…

The other overarching theme of the film Evocateur, judging by the trailer alone, is Downey’s phoniness. He was that most unfortunate of creatures: a born performer with no talent.

That Downey is (unconvincingly) pretending to be a right-wing loudmouth is obvious in even the shortest clips. Even his publicity photos show a man desperately uncomfortable in his own skin, and with the persona he’s adopted to become a star.

That conservative pundits “don’t really believe what they’re saying” is a familiar progressive meme. Somehow we’re expected to believe that three hours a day, five days a week, live on the airwaves for 25 years, Rush Limbaugh has been pretending to be someone he’s not and 20 million listeners a day believe the scam. Yes, Rush makes $50-million a year, but while that’s an unbeatable incentive, surely that would also be a physically and mentally impossible task, whatever the monetary compensation. To pull it off, Rush would’ve had to have made a pact with the very Devil that leftists don’t believe in.

Then again, I guess if you believe in “global warming,” you’ll believe any number of bizarre theories.

We hear the same smug “explanation” for Ann Coulter’s and Glenn Beck’s careers as well. It’s all an act (one which requires Coulter to take the stage with bodyguards, and Beck to wear a bullet proof vest and carry a handgun.)

I’ll leave it to psychologists to determine why progressives believe their opponents are all “phonies.” They read A Catcher in the Rye once too often (like a couple of notorious murders)? They’re fixated on movies like A Face in the Crowd, and those urban legends about broadcasters caught sliming their listeners on open mics?

They’re projecting their own innate “phoniness” and hypocrisy on others?

Now THAT would be an intriguing topic for a documentary…

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