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The Top 10 Bogus Apocalyptic Prophesies Made By the Left

Posted on January 30 2011 9:00 am
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Each day it seems we are bombarded with another story of impending doom and gloom by the Left. Their dire predictions, if studied over time, have been the catalyst to political change they might otherwise have not been able to make without scaring the public half to death. Each new scare comes with calls for higher taxes or “user fees” on objects or services they deem “dangerous.” From Happy Meals to light-bulbs the Left is determined to rule with an iron fist over every aspect of your life and if they have to scare the pants off you to do it, they will. The following are  the top ten examples of some of the most destructive apocalyptic prophecies that all came to nothing.

10. Republicans want to starve old people and children

Democrats insisted in 1994 that the Republicans were cutting the budget so drastically, senior citizens would have to choose between their medicine and food which would lead them to eat dog food. Patsy Shroeder, former congressperson from Colorado said this on the house floor about Rush Limbaugh.

And they had the Big Kahuna of GOPAC come speak, none other than Rush Limbaugh himself, who stood there and said to all these people who paid all this money to keep GOPAC rich, he was hailing the GOP budget!  He said, according to the paper and according to the C-SPAN tape, he thought it was wonderful because it would starve the poor and it would drive Medicare recipients, including his mother, to eat dog food, but not to worry, Mom, he says, I’m sending you a new can opener.  Wow.  That tells you what today’s about.

Who says Democrats aren’t funny? Not only did seniors and children not starve as a result of the budget cuts, but our country enjoyed a booming economy. The welfare reform was so popular, Clinton actually took credit for it! Now that another Republican congress has taken power, they’re at it again, making the same old dire predictions and accusing Limbaugh of being the heartless leader of Republican evil. Jim McDermott, again on the floor of the House, accused Limbaugh of supporting dumpster diving for children.

Mr. Speaker, I rise today out of disgust over recent comments by Rush Limbaugh about child hunger.  A few days ago I was sent Mr. Limbaugh’s response to the news that more than 16 million children will face, quote, “a summer of hunger,” quote, “because they won’t have access to free or discounted meals they usually get at school.” Mr. Limbaugh ultimately recommended these children “Dumpster dive” — Dumpster dive! — to find food until school starts back up.  In the midst of a deep recession that has forced millions of Americans to face the daily fear of losing their homes and failing to provide food for their kids, all Mr. Limbaugh can contribute is another awful example of shameless and callous commentary.  Ask yourself: When is the last time that Rush Limbaugh missed a meal?  Take a look.  You judge for yourself.

It’s hysterical they’ve fallen for the joke twice. When will they learn? It is ludicrous to accuse half of America of wanting to starve people to death! Especially when we’re not the ones demanding sick people’s feeding tubes are yanked in the name of “compassion.” Democrats have actually starved someone to death (Terry Schiavo!). You know what they say about people who live in glass houses. But I guess it wouldn’t have the same impact if they told people that Republicans want to reduce spending and lower taxes for everyone, so they stick with lying outrageously instead. Do people still fall for this?

Next: We’re all going to be blown up!

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