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NASA Joins Climate Change Alarmists to Frighten Children

Posted on January 29 2011 6:30 pm
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Print This Post Print This Post has an expose of another attempt – this time by NASA – to con Americans into relinquishing liberty and autonomy to “save the planet.” This time, however, the propaganda is aimed toward children. No surprise there. It happens all the time, and it will continue to happen as long as parents keep entrusting their kids’ pliable minds to taxpayer-funded change-agents on the Left.

This latest propaganda, a website called Climate Kids, hits impressionable tykes with all of the old, discredited global warming chestnuts that the left has wielded for over a decade to brainwash Americans into statist handcuffs.

The unprecedented-warming-since-the-beginning-of-time lie, and the American-greed-is-barbecuing-innocent-Africans-and-Asians lie, and the last-polar-bear-alive-floating-on-the-last-chunk-of-ice-in-the-arctic lie – all the little lies that come under the umbrella of the-United-States-is-the-source-of-all-the-misery-on-the-planet lie.

So little Bobby and Suzy will have a few nightmares and grieve unnecessarily for their purported lost futures… it’s what statists must do to keep them from seeing the actual looming threat — being tricked into throwing away the priceless liberty bequeathed to them at great sacrifice by their freedom-loving ancestors.

It’s difficult to peruse “Climate Kids” and not become a tad cynical. If the goal is to honestly provide facts so that inquiring children can draw their own conclusions, then — as ClimateQuotes points out — why manipulate the beginning and end points of graphics to exclude data that doesn’t support their alarmist predictions? Why point out areas where sea ice has decreased and ignore areas where it has increased? Why terrify an eight-year-old in Miami with pictures that depict Southern Florida slipping underwater if the entire Greenland ice sheet melts – and forget to mention that only minimal melting is forecasted. Why torture facts and data until they point only to one conclusion: that the only hope for survival is a sharp lurch toward statism.

It’s nothing new. This template for alarmist blackmail that has been around for more than a generation now  — ruthlessly inflicted on millions of impressionable children by committed leftists trying to brainwash Americans into weakness and tyranny under the duress of faked-up threats of annihilation.

In the eighties school children were terrorized by graphic stories of nuclear holocaust, and now they are terrorized by graphic stories of climate holocaust. Being proven wrong about the nuclear freeze and disarmament by President Reagan’s wisdom and fortitude didn’t faze them a bit. They just adapted the con for the post cold-war world. And it’s the kids who never get a break: Year after year they are told to kiss their futures good-by because they’re going to freeze, drown, or burn up if America insists on clinging to liberty, strength, and autonomy.

Honestly, where’s Amnesty International when you need them?

Hat tip to USActionNews.

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