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The Politically Incorrect (and Life Saving) Truth About Muslim-on-Muslim Honor Killings

Posted on January 28 2011 6:19 pm
Phyllis Chesler is an Emerita Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies at City University of New York. For extended biography visit The Phyllis Chesler Organization.

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“Social asymmetries” (no doubt caused by western imperialism, colonialism, and capitalism) are probably responsible for “honour killing;” and the American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are far more violent than…individual, domestic “honour killings.”

Clearly, this conference wants to defend Islam from being seen as the only group which is violent towards women. Such a perception is deemed to be “racist” and “Islamophobic.”

However, most honor killings are Muslim-on-Muslim and, while it is true that Hindu and Sikh honor killings do exist, they are mainly confined to India and do not accompany Hindu and Sikh immigrants into the West. This skittishness, this refusal to name reality is like the British media omission of “Muslim” from their coverage of “Asian” gangs who prey upon mainly “white” girls. In other words, Muslim gangs, from southeast Asia, namely from Pakistan and Bangladesh, rape, kidnap, then force young white British teenagers into sordid lives of prostitution. The British media do not mind tarring and feathering Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Buddhists, Hindus or Sikhs with their broad “Asian” stroke.

A writer, an activist usually has no way of knowing whether their work is effective, influential, that it actually speaks truth to power or, more important, saves real lives.  For some time now, I have been privileged to have been asked to testify, via affidavit, in a number of averted honor killing cases. All but one of these cases are still underway. Earlier this week, I received very good news which I would like to share.

I was asked to provide an affidavit for an African woman who refused to become an elderly Muslim man’s sixth wife. She is a woman who had secretly converted to Christianity, married another African Christian man and fled to the United States on a forged passport. She is now being held by immigration authorities. Were she to be deported, she would first face being genitally mutilated, and then honor murdered, for fleeing, for marrying, and for converting. My affidavit has, apparently, thus far, kept this poor soul in our blessed country. Her advocate told me that she has just heard from the prisoner’s husband.

He did tell me that it was your affidavit and my letter that has kept X in the US thus far.  There were 42 other refugee claimants in the prison with her – but she was given a special paper that none of the others received.  It was information about remaining in the US.  Most of the others have now been deported, but X remains in prison.  The lawyer says she has a very good case for going to the half way house in Y – set up for people such as X.  Hers is a convoluted case to say the least…but her husband sends his gratitude to you for getting involved and endorsing what we know to be true for women in (this African country).

This is all I have to say to the conveners of the conference in Australia and to those who criticize my work on honor killing.

Save some lives, then get back to me with your politically correct theories.

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