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The Politically Incorrect (and Life Saving) Truth About Muslim-on-Muslim Honor Killings

Posted on January 28 2011 6:19 pm
Phyllis Chesler is an Emerita Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies at City University of New York. For extended biography visit The Phyllis Chesler Organization.

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Noor Almaleki

There are two honor killing trials currently underway in the United States: one in Tucson, another in Buffalo. Both defendants are Muslims and both murdered Muslim women.

Iraqi born Faleh Almaleki mowed his 20 year-old daughter Noor down in cold blood after she refused an arranged marriage to an Iraqi national and chose a future husband, American-style, all by herself. Yes, Almaleki stalked her and mowed his too-American daughter Noor right down in a two ton jeep and then, with the help of Noor’s mother, his wife, and their son, fled to Europe, where he was captured.

The second defendant, Pakistani-born Muzzammil Syed Hassan, beheaded his 36-year-old third wife Aasiya, whom he had savagely battered for years, after she sued him for divorce; he also stabbed her 60 times.

In my research on honor killing, I discovered that there are two very different groups of victims world-wide: One has an average age of 17; the other has an average age of 36. These two women represent each kind of victim.

Their killers are both brazen, practiced liars and bullies; their lies take my breath away. Hassan is acting as his own lawyer. He claims that he was the “abused” spouse, emotionally, psychologically, and sometimes physically. The fact that he weighed twice as much as Aasiya counts for little in his lexicon of self-pity. Hassan has subpoened the judge, the prosecutors, and the media who have been covering his trial; he has been forced to withdraw these subpoenas. Hassan has also claimed that the “doctors” whom he expected to testify for him as the “abused” spouse have been biased or scared away by the “bad media” coverage.

Almaleki equated his daughter to a “small fire” which had to be extinguished in order to keep his house from burning down. Nevertheless, he is now arguing that he only meant to “spit” at Noor’s female protector and lost control of his 4,000 pound car “by accident.”

If you have lived among Muslims (and I have), you will understand that western concepts of objective truth do not exist. But, for that matter, if you have lived long enough among western leftist relativists (and I have, I have), you will come to a similar conclusion. Hence, consider the following.

A military friend tells me that “When you’re taking flak you know you’re over your target.”

From that point of view, I am certainly over my target. Both my academic and journalistic work on honor killing and on Islamic gender apartheid have not only led to harsh criticism but, in my view, may also have partly led to an upcoming international conference at Australian National University in Australia: “Honour Killing across Culture and Time.”

“Honour-motivated violence is a trans-historical and cross-cultural phenomenon, yet it has recently become a metonym for Islamic and anti-modern cultures.”

Yes—it is a trans-historical and cross-cultural phenomenon, but that is because Islam has colonized every continent and, unlike Christianity and Judaism, has failed to abolish this form of misogynist barbarism.

The conference description is couched in postmodern language which asks: “How is honour embodied and performed in ways that lead to gendered violence?” “How do status anxieties and social asymmetries contribute to honour killing?” “How do anti-violence strategies negotiate competing claims of human rights and cultural relativism?” “How are personal and familial honour-related killings distinguished from collective public and state violence?”

And there you have it.

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