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If A Liberal And A Tea Partier Had Been Aboard The Titanic

Posted on January 28 2011 7:32 pm
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Tea Partier: Alert the captain! There’s a huge iceberg up ahead and we’re headed straight for it! If we don’t turn the ship aside now, we’re doomed!

Liberal: Well, that’s not a very popular message. I mean, turning the ship aside would require interrupting the shuffleboard tournament.

Tea Partier: The whole ship is going to be shuffling off to the bottom of the ocean if we don’t change course!

Liberal: You’re probably just saying that because the captain’s black.

Tea Partier: What? That’s crazy!

Liberal: That’s exactly what a racist would say in this situation.

Tea Partier: What does not wanting to hit an iceberg have to do with hating our captain because he’s black?

Liberal: For someone who doesn’t hate black people, you sure do talk about racism and the captain being black a lot….

Tea Partier: But, I was just defending myself from you….look, nevermind. Do you know what that iceberg will do to this ship? It will sink us to the bottom of the ocean! We’ve got to steer around it.

Liberal: Sink us? That’s so overblown. I mean, conceivably it could sink us, but it would probably just scratch the paint.

Tea Partier: Hitting an iceberg? Scratch the paint? Do you know that…okay, forget that, you admitted it could conceivably sink us. So, you agree we need to do something about it now?

Liberal: I don’t know. People have really been looking forward to that shuffleboard tournament.

Tea Partier: Are you crazy? What happens if the iceberg sinks us?

Liberal: It would all work out. Somebody would take care of it.

Tea Partier: Who? Who would take care of it?

Liberal: Somebody or another.

Tea Partier: We’re in the middle of the ocean. There’s no one around to help us. Even if there were another ship nearby, we’re so big that other ships couldn’t handle rescuing us.

Liberal: It would have been nice if you’d mentioned this before. You know, back when the ship had a white captain.

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