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Does Frances Fox Piven’s Leading Defender Suffer From Glenn Beck Derangement Syndrome?

Posted on January 28 2011 9:00 am
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Paid ACORN consultant Peter Dreier is using a classic leftist trick: Accuse others of doing the terrible things you do.

Dreier accuses Glenn Beck of inspiring potential violence against the radical communist-sympathizing Frances Fox Piven. In reality Dreier has it backwards.

Piven has advocated the forcible overthrow of the United States government uninterrupted for the past 45 years ever since she wrote “The Weight of the Poor,” a call to arms for the insurrectionist left. The approach she advocated (along with her late husband) came to be known as the Cloward-Piven Strategy. The strategy has led to actual violence, including riots, when put into effect by the defunct National Welfare Rights Organization and the group it gave birth to: ACORN.

In other words, what Beck is actually doing is educating America about the threat posed to the American system of governance by an influential agitator. Never heard of Piven? It doesn’t matter. Her ideas have passed through osmosis to modern liberalism and are widely accepted by people who have no idea who she is. (Ditto for Noam Chomsky.)

But Dreier thinks that Beck bringing all of these facts to the attention of the American people is somehow a hate crime in and of itself.

If anyone thinks that the vitriol that Glenn Beck spews on his radio and TV shows can’t sometimes stir people to aggressive and hateful action, they should take a look at the postings on his website, The Blaze, about Frances Fox Piven.

For two years Beck has targeted the political science professor as a Marxist Machiavelli whose writings constitute a manifesto for a radical revolution.

But in recent months Beck has escalated his hate campaign against Piven, a professor at the City University of New York, former vice president of the American Political Science Association, and former president of the American Sociological Association. He labeled Piven one of the “nine most dangerous people in the world,” and “an enemy of the Constitution.”

Not surprisingly, this has led to a dramatic rise in ugly threats to the 78-year-old Piven.

It might be better to ignore Dreier’s lunatic rants but we can’t do that. The left is determined to get the media and then the public to accept their dishonest narrative about Piven and ACORN and the violence that inevitably accompanies leftist agitation.

We cannot allow their lies to triumph by default.

Responding to Dreier above, well, first off, since Piven is a Marxist she is by definition an enemy of the U.S. Constitution. (Slam dunk, Glenn!) Second, Beck can’t control what people say on his website, though I understand that moderators at The Blaze whack inappropriate comments as soon as they discover them. Third, Piven’s writings do constitute “a manifesto for a Marxist revolution.” See paragraph third from the top above. Fourth, Beck is not responsible if people make threats against Piven. This is not to condone such threats, of course, but remember that Beck is only quoting Piven on his show. (It might be different if he were lying about what she said, but he’s not.)

Meanwhile, ACORN’s radical allies are now attempting to rewrite history to cast the organized crime syndicate as victim instead of as the prolific victimizer that it has been ever since it was created in 1970.

Dreier is leading the campaign. A politics professor and director of the urban and environmental policy program at Occidental College, (sort of an) alma mater of America’s Community Organizer-in-Chief.

Dreier will stop at nothing in his quest to redeem the radical left in the eyes of the public.

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ERRATUM: Professor Dreier sent me a polite email denying being paid by ACORN so I have struck out the word “paid” above. In my reply email I asked him to confirm that he had served as a consultant to ACORN. As of 5 p.m. Eastern on January 28, he had not denied serving as a consultant to ACORN.

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