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Seller of Israeli Shoes Terrorized by Quebec’s Most Popular Politician

Posted on January 27 2011 9:00 am
Christine Williams is a 9-time international award-winning interviewer. She is Host and Producer of the Canadian National TV program “On the Front Line with Christine Williams” aired on CTS TV. She is also a Senior Advisor to the Hudson Institute in New York.
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Amir Khadir shown throwing shoe at effigy of  George W. Bush

It would seem that some have forgotten that Canada is a democracy.  A store owner in Quebec is being terrorized by a recurring mob of Palestinian sympathizers—which includes elected politician Amir Khadir–determined to make him pay for selling Israeli products.

Every Saturday Yves Archambault faces the wrath of activists that have branded Israel an apartheid state.  They are calling for a boycott of his store, Le Marcheur, because he carries Israeli made shoes.

The issue now has many people wondering, “When does activism turn into bullying?”

Since Khadir’s appearance, politicians from other parties, federal and provincial, have shown up to defend Yves Archambault, the store owner.

Congratulations to those politicians who are fighting to protect the tenets of our democracy. As for Amir Khadir—dubbed the most popular politician in Quebec– he is unfit to be an elected representative in a democracy and the National Assembly in Quebec has been shamefully quiet on this issue. At best, Khadir should be publicly reprimanded, otherwise stripped of his position for what amounts to treason. He is being paid with Canadian taxpayer dollars and is waging an antagonist vendetta against the state of Israel. Khadir is a member of the ultra-left Quebec Solidaire party of which its co-Leader issued a statement saying the party supports the boycott of Israeli products.

Khadir’s position:

People who act on a political level have to have the utmost freedom to denounce any economic activity that they don’t think is morally justified.

Khadir is a divisive, hypocritical propagandist who should be protesting atrocities like the genocide in Darfur , how women are treated in Islamic Regimes, the enslavement of blacks in Mauratania, and if he cares that much about justice and clean business like he purports to, then he should also be railing against any products coming in from Canada ’s biggest trade partner:  China .

I contacted the Quebec-Israel Committee last month after my first blog about this to find out what was being done about Khadir, and to curb this indiscreet bullying of a citizen.   I received this response from its Director David Ouellette:

Dear Ms. Williams,

Amir Khadir has been roundly denounced as a radical in the Quebec mainstream media over a 14-day news cycle. Some of Quebec ‘s most prominent opinion makers even called for a an unprecented buycott which was a resounding success due to the strong response from the broader Quebec society.

The public outcry has clearly hurt Mr. Khadir politically and completely discredited the BDS movement in Quebec .

Apparently not enough as Khadir—along with his father–continues to show up to help ruin the business that Archembault spent 25 years to build. Even more ghastly is the fact that Archambault is a citizen in Khadir’s riding.  Says Archambault rightfully:

A political representative should defend us, not contribute to our misery.

Faced with this mockery on Canadian soil, there was a brouhaha in Toronto about the anti-Islamist English Defense League being racist.  Canadian citizens should be incensed that this violation of Archambault’s rights continues weekly on our soil.  This infringement should not be taken lightly as it will progress in the absence of  resistance.

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