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The Right Side Of The Blogosphere’s Reaction To Obama’s State Of The Union Speech

Posted on January 26 2011 8:00 pm
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Here’s my reaction to Obama’s State of the Union speech followed by some other notable reactions from the Right,

Speech Grade: Obama gets a C. Although there were no huge blunders that seemed to stick out at this early point, his delivery wasn’t great and he undercut himself a bit. On one hand, he talked about the deficit, but on the other hand, he suggested a considerable amount of new spending. He also stood up for amnesty and Obamacare, neither of which is popular. Overall though, Obama seemed to be taking a significantly less ambitious, more middle-of-the-road approach than he did in his first two years. In other words, this was the kickoff of the 2012 campaign for Obama.

PS: My personal lowlight of the night was learning that our tax dollars are going to help figure out how to fuel cars with water and sunshine. No word yet on whether we’re also funding experiments designed to figure out how to use hope and love as a potential fueling source.

I found President Obama’s SOTU address a paradox. President Obama spoke of investing in biomedical research, information technology, clean energy technology and education as well as the merits of Obamacare only to say we were under “a mountain of debt” and thus had to freeze spending.

How exactly does Obama think we got under a mountain of debt in the first place? At one point, President Obama noted that countries in Europe invested more in roads and railways than we do. Modeling ourselves after Europe isn’t exactly a sound strategy when you consider the fiscal state of Europe is more perilous than our own. — Aaron Goldstein, The American Spectator

We don’t know whether the American people will buy Obama channeling Clinton. Reading the tea leaves of the 2012 elections is speculative at this early juncture. But what Obama doesn’t seem to realize is that Clinton’s move to the middle wasn’t just rhetorical, it was substantive. He signed sweeping welfare reform, signed a budget passed by a Republican Congress that reined in spending and cut taxes, and signed a federal death-penalty statute. If Obama doesn’t back up his words with similar deeds embracing conservative public policy, voters will see his centrist head-fake as political posturing and reward (or more likely punish) him accordingly. — Ralph Reed, The Corner

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