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Frisky-Fems Finally Find Single Mother They Hate: Bristol Palin

Posted on January 26 2011 8:00 am
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Further proving NRB’s theory that leftist feminists are really only interested in advancing leftist women, The Frisky website is at it again, denigrating Bristol Palin for having a boyfriend.

Is there no justice in the world? The entire Frisky editorial staff is single right now, but Bristol Palin has a boyfriend. The nation’s foremost expert on abstinence admitted in a radio show interview yesterday that there’s a new Levi Johnston in her life (although this one is presumably not allowed to put his P in the V).

I could probably explain to The Frisky editorial staff why they’re all single. It might have to do with the fact that they write articles for the entire world (and dating pool) detailing how they are alcoholic tramps who secretly wish they could be call girls. I say that with love and the best intentions to help them in their sad plight of singledom. Girls, you will never catch a good man when you’re the town bicycle. Everybody has already had a ride. I’m sure you have plenty of bad boys hanging around and texting you at midnight for a romp, but clearly, no one is ponying up a ring and a date for Frisky-fems. Bristol Palin has nothing to do with it. But the level of envy is palpable over at The Frisky.

Hey, if some guy out there really wants to date an abstinence advocate with a toddler and the most ferocious, gun-weilding mother-in-law in the universe, God bless him.

Strangely enough, Bristol Palin may be the only single mother leftist feminists can’t stand. Up until now we’ve been made to believe it’s the most advanced, liberating experience on the planet akin to putting a man on the moon. Single motherhood is a political platform for the Left. But Bristol doesn’t get protection from faux-feminists because she is speaking out against one of their sacred beliefs. She doesn’t think orgasms are worth risking your future. Shocking, I know.

It’s as if Bristol’s ambition to help teens choose abstinence (the only 100% proven way to avoid pregnancies and STDs) is the worst and most unattractive choice they’ve ever seen. No man (in their sphere) would ever be attracted to such a clean-thinking woman. And horror of horrors, she has an adorable toddler. Babies are icky. A good “feminist” would have aborted that womb squatter before he it had the chance to get a good grip on the uterine lining. If she had done that she would have their total approval (especially if she followed up her abortion with a booty call from the useless “father” and blogged about it in detail.)

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