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We Are All Noor Almaleki

Posted on January 24 2011 1:40 am

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The honor killing trial begins in Phoenix today (Monday, Jan.24) of Faleh Hassan Almaleki, an Iraqi Muslim immigrant who killed his 20-year-old daughter, Noor Almaleki, on October 20, 2009, because she had become too Westernized.

Almaleki had crashed his jeep into Noor and her boyfriend’s mother in a parking lot of a state Department of Economic Security office in Peoria, a Phoenix suburb. The mother survived, but Noor went into a coma for two weeks and then died from her injuries.

After killing his daughter, Almaleki himself boasted that he had to take Noor’s life because she had dishonored his family by her “Western” behavior. Evidence reveals that Almaleki had tried to impose strict Islamic codes on Noor and that he had attempted to force her into an arranged marriage when she was 17. These efforts at enslavement failed, as Noor fought to be a free human being and to establish her own personal sovereignty; she ended up moving into her own apartment, finding a boyfriend and working in a fast-food restaurant.

Almaleki was trained from birth to see the world through the lens of Islamic misogyny, where women are the property of men. Under the vicious and sadistic system of Islamic gender apartheid, women’s autonomy must be suffocated on all levels. With this pathological mindset, Almaleki became enraged seeing his daughter practice her own individual agency and he concluded that he must take her life. After Almaleki hit his daughter and her boyfriend’s mother with his jeep, he fled the country, but was caught in London and returned to Phoenix.

Here are some pertinent questions to ask with the commencement of this trial:

Will the mainstream media cover this trial and voice its moral indignation about Almaleki’s murder of his daughter? Will it have the courage to call his heinous act what it is — an “honor killing”? Will it deconstruct the Islamic roots of this particular honor killing and expose and denounce them? In other words, will the Islamic theological teachings that fertilized and spawned the killing of Noor be brought to light and repudiated?

Will the Left, which sees itself as the leader in the field of women’s rights, be in the forefront of this effort on behalf of Noor, who can no longer speak for herself? Will it stand up for Noor, castigate her murderer as well as the Islamic ideology that inspired and sanctioned her father’s deadly act? Will leftist feminists across the country do the same? Or will they continue to betray, with their shameful silence, the millions of women who suffer under Islamic apartheid because, for them, “multiculturalism” and their hatred of their host society surpasses the importance of women’s rights – and the right of women like Noor to have continued living? In other words, will multiculturalism trump women’s rights?

All of us who genuinely care about women’s rights and the millions of women who live under death sentences due to Islamic gender apartheid have an obligation to follow this trial and to voice what needs to be said about it. Hopefully, with our voices and concern, we can bring not only some kind of justice to Noor’s memory, but also to the memories of the thousands of other honor killing victims — which include those on North American soil, like the Said girls (Amina and Sarah) in Texas and Aqsa Parvez in Toronto.

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