Chris Queen

Top 7 Facts From Obama’s Background That Prove He’s a Socialist

Posted on January 24 2011 6:00 am
Chris Queen hails from Covington, GA. Check out his blog, Random Thoughts From The Revolution, and follow him on Twitter.

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5. The New Party

A page from a socialist newsletter proudly trumpeting New Party endorsement of Barack Obama

Throughout the 2008 campaign, both sides made a big deal over Obama’s role with ACORN — the Left attempting to minimize it at the same time the Right was bringing it to light. Obama’s involvement with ACORN is crucial and fascinating to study, and Radical-In-Chief devotes an entire chapter to it. But one particular aspect of this era in Obama’s career is especially eye-opening: his membership in and willing endorsement by the New Party, a Leftist, quasi-political party founded by ACORN and other leading lights in the socialist movement.

Of course, like many other facets of his socialist past, Obama denied his involvement with the New Party. But plenty of evidence exists to prove the connection. Since the New Party seems like a little-remembered footnote in modern political history, it’s important to explore its beliefs.

The New Party was founded by socialists Daniel Cantor and Joel Rogers with the goal of being, in their own words:

…an explicitly social democratic organization, with an ideology roughly like that of Northern European (e.g., Swedish) labor movements.

Their aim was to stealthily and incrementally increase government control over the economy. As Kurtz clarifies:

The agenda here was simply socialism by other means. A sympathetic article on the New Party in the newsletter of the Democratic Socialists of America got the message — treating the New Party’s political goals as a kind of stand-in for socialism.

The national newsletter of the Democratic Socialists of America also treats the New Party as essentially the “electoral arm” of ACORN and allied SEIU locals.

The ultimate goal was for the New Party to eventually become a third party in American, but it never gained traction. (Yet it’s interesting to note that the New Party’s successor, the Working Families Party, has endorsed such diverse congressional candidates as Hillary Clinton and New York Republican Dede Scozzafava.)

Since the New Party was in its infancy in 1995-96, its leadership chose to endorse Democratic candidates. Among the candidates they sought to support was Barack Obama. Kurtz writes:

…Obama was interested, yet also cautious about anything that might jeopardize his relations with the Democratic Party.


[Obama was] “more than happy to be involved” in New Party affairs… [but] had no desire to “force people” into the New Party.

Obama finally came around when he not only accepted New Party endorsement but also helped them find pro bono legal representation and agreed to help them raise money.

In 2008, the Obama camp went far out of their way to explain away the New Party by saying that the party had no real members. Even the party’s co-founder, Joel Rogers, tried to diminish the importance of his organization. Why make such a mountain out of a supposed molehill? Why not make the New Party a non-issue by overlooking it? The reason is clear: the New Party was a real organization with a real agenda that mainstream Americans would find offensive.

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