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Top 7 Facts From Obama’s Background That Prove He’s a Socialist

Posted on January 24 2011 6:00 am
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I recently finished Stanley Kurtz’s fascinating book, Radical-In-Chief: Barack Obama And The Untold Story Of American Socialism. If you’re a regular reader of NewsReal Blog, no doubt you’ve heard quite a bit about this book over the last several weeks. It truly is an eye opening read.

Radical-In-Chief is a glimpse into how socialism has informed President Obama’s political development, associations, career choices, and policy decisions over the years. It’s also a handy primer into the history of post-sixties socialism in America. The main point of Radical-In-Chief is that all evidence points to the fact that Obama is a socialist with a radical vision for restructuring and transforming American society.

It’s understandable for anyone to think that calling Barack Obama a socialist is inflammatory or sensationalist, or at the very least flippant (because let’s face it, we’ve all joked about it at one time or another). But Radical-In-Chief is no sensationalist tell-all, nor is it an alarmist, conspiracy-theorist rag. Rather, Stanley Kurtz has thoroughly done his homework, looking at reams of archived documents, press coverage of contemporaneous events, and Obama’s own writings and quotes to prove what many of us on the Right have suspected all along.

Much effort has been made by Obama and his circle, as well by the mainstream media, to paint his socialism as either nonexistent or as a youthful fling that is long gone. The truth is, as Kurtz expertly shows, Obama has aligned himself with socialism from his college days through his presidency. It’s also tempting to think of socialism in American as a quaint relic of a bygone era, but Radical-In-Chief also shows us that socialism is alive and well in this country today, though in a markedly different way. It is firmly entrenched in the current administration.

On Barack Obama’s road to power, there are several mile markers that point to his socialism. We’ll look at a few of them here, as seen through the pages of Radical-In-Chief.

We’ll start with that youthful college fling…

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