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Top 5 Craziest Leftwing Attacks on Conservative Talk Radio Hosts

Posted on January 23 2011 9:00 am
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#4 MSNBC blames Arizona shooting on… Mark Levin

In the wake of the Giffords’ shooting, left-leaning pundits were quick to blame conservative talk radio for inciting the actions of a madman (who didn’t listen to talk radio, according to friends.)

MSNBC‘s Keith Olbermann unburdened himself of a very long “commentary” in which he singled out Mark Levin for particular culpability.

Alas, the power of his bizarre rant was somewhat undercut by his inability (or refusal) to pronounce Levin’s name correctly.

(Since the name “Levin” only has two syllables, you wouldn’t think that would be a daunting task for an brilliant ag-school grad like Olbermann to perform. Keith had a 50/50 chance of being right — and still messed up.)

Another low-rated MSNBC host, Ed Schultz , also made the mistake of singling out Levin, mocking Levin’s decision to sue the network for libel after Olbermann’s rant aired.

In response, Levin said about Schultz:

“I notice this tough guy is actually a coward. We will be monitoring him. He’s dumber than dumb, so he might actually step in it. As an aside, he has no ratings, so if two of my people monitor his show, that will double his ratings.”

The timing of all this couldn’t be better. Olbermann just lost his job at MSNBC, so if Levin does sue, Olbermann won’t have MSNBC’s attorneys at his disposal, gratis.

Next: the Glenn Beck boycott that wasn’t…

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