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Top 10 Breaches of Protocol By the Obamas

Posted on January 23 2011 9:00 am
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I used to think we had it bad under Clinton. I never imagined I could dislike a person more than him. But looking back, I realize that although he embarrassed his country with scandalous behavior, he never gave anyone reason to question his patriotism. I never would have believed Clinton wanted to offend Americans on purpose. He was power-drunk, reckless, foolish and unwise. But he was one of us who understood our culture, our traditions and our sensibilities. He wanted us to like him. He tried to win me over (it didn’t work) but at least he tried.

What we have now is alienesque. There is no relating to the Obamas. They’re prickly and strange with no seeming regard for any American tradition. They seek to remake this country, not to simply put their stamp on it but to tear down foundations before they rebuild their vision of what should exist instead of shore up what does exist. It’s unnerving. When Barack Obama ran for the presidency, he gave us the impression that he was the international man of mystery who would sweep onto the international stage and heal old wounds and end wars. He was the only one who could repair America’s image across the world. He was an expert at diplomacy, he said. Then he got elected.

Since his inauguration (that began with a flubbed swearing-in) he has tripped his way around the world insulting our friends, weakening himself and America in front of our enemies, ignoring hundreds of years of tradition and humiliating us at home. His actions, and those of his wife, while sometimes amusing, are usually just mortifying (and bordering on treacherous) to anyone with any sense of propriety or patriotism. The following are ten examples of the Obamas regularly breaching protocol.

Let’s begin with insulting our friends…

10. Banning Churchill

This country fought a war for independence against the British, so I understand that other countries had similar wishes where British forces were concerned. The history of British colonialism was brutal at times. During the Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya in the 1950s both sides committed terrible atrocities. Those who wanted freedom in Kenya allowed a terrorist group (the Mau Mau) to take over the cause and they escalated the violence to obscene levels, killing their own people who refused to join them and butchering English settlers and their children. There are several points of view and many books that can be read on the subject. What is certain is Obama’s grandfather was reported to have been caught in the backlash meted out by the British and it was alleged he was tortured. No one knows what kind of role Hussein Obama (the grandfather) had in the Mau Mau uprising. This all happened under Winston Churchill’s watch.

So it came as no surprise that Obama didn’t want to stare at a bust of Churchill in the Oval Office every day. And while that might be understandable, the way he returned it to England with a “thanks, but no thanks” (the official White House response) attitude was rude. The bust was a gift (on loan) to our country in the wake of 9-11 to symbolize the solidarity between allies. Churchill’s legacy is one of courage under intense fire and the ability to identify evil and fight it with unabashed resolve. His contribution to world freedom from fascism is undeniable. It seems there could have been a better, more diplomatic way to remove the bust from the Oval Office without insulting our friends. But compared to future gaffes, this one was peanuts.

Next, insulting the Queen…

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