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The Comcast/NBC Merger: Oodles of Government Booty (if You Qualify)

Posted on January 22 2011 12:00 pm
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The process of watching our citizenry slowly succumb to the Almighty power of the U.S. Government is at once frightening and fascinating – we of course notice the train wrecks (Obamacare) and 10-car pileups (the castration of SB 1070), but let’s not forget those little nails that are pounded, daily and ceaselessly, into the burial box of American ingenuity and initiative.

They do the most damage, after all, because they just don’t seem important enough to worry about when you take them one at a time.

A fresh example can be found in the details of the January 19th announcement of the merger of Comcast and NBC.

According to BLACKWEB2.0, in an article published on January 20th, the…

“…announcement that the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice approved the merger to Comcast and NBC-Universal created a large amount of media scrutiny.  Most reports focused on size of the deal, and the merger is indeed a staggering one. The deal joins Comcast’s cable network and TV channels with NBC-Universal’s theme parks, affiliate stations, studios, TV channels, and stake in Hulu.”

Perhaps overlooked in the mammoth scope of the business transaction were some of the mandates (inserted by the Feds) that had to be complied with in order to get the deal to go through:

“Some of the conditions of the deal offer benefits that could help those hurt by the digital divide.  Under the section marked ‘Broadband Adoption and Deployment’ the following conditions were specified to be provided to 2.5 million low income households: $10 broadband, $150 computer equipment, and computer training.”

Since BLACKWEB2.0 is primarily marketed to young African-American professionals, there are details offered about how the ruling might affect Blacks in general, who “are disproportionately represented among low income households.”

Those details are way less interesting to me than how the concept of public assistance (and how its availability or lack thereof relates to self-motivation) has changed over the years. Nowadays it doesn’t just cover food and housing and health care and education (which, taken together, seem already like an over-reach to many) – no, in the post-modern world of Obama, if you’re deemed to be economically “deprived”, you get high-tech assistance besides! Where is this going to end? Free babysitting and cable? Where is the concept of saving one’s self in all of this? How is the dignity of the individual salvaged by getting a heavily discounted ipad??


Read on…please….

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