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Tales from a Parallel Universe: Founder of Greenpeace Renounces Environmentalist Movement

Posted on January 22 2011 1:04 pm
Jesse Hathaway survived the progressive re-education camps of Ohio University and the People’s Republik of Athens, and now lives and blogs in beautiful Myrtle Beach, SC. Follow him on Teh Twitter, and become part of his Right Turns Only posse.
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There is nothing wrong with your computer screen. Do not attempt to adjust it. We’re now in control of the transmission. We control the horizontal sync, and the vertical sync. We can deluge you with a thousand websites, or expand one single blog post to crystal clarity—and beyond. You are about to experience the awe and mystery of the deepest reaches, from the inner mind to the outer limits of… NewsReal Blog.

Today’s story: scientists have long wondered if other universes exists, other realms populated with copies of you and I, only different because of chance encounters in the past. If so, can their messages pass into ours?

We now know the answer: yes. If this isn’t a transmission from one of those alternate timelines, then perhaps the truth is stranger than we can comprehend…

Patrick Moore, founder of the far-left environmentalist group Greenpeace and long-time environmental activist, was recently interviewed on Fox Business Network—or, a parallel universe’s Fox Business Network—and denounced the cult…. err, organization, that he himself helped organize.

In the live interview with Stuart Varney last Thursday, Moore explained that he was disowning Greenpeace due to the group’s “extremist positions,” expressing displeasure that the group he started had been hijacked and diverted from its original intentions.

Moore complains that,

“around the mid-80s, after 15 years in the leadership of Greenpeace, [he] found [himself, being] one of five international directors, the only one with any formal science education. Basically, Greenpeace was hijacked by political and social activists… who began adopting extremist positions on a number of issues. I saw the writing on the wall.”

Moore, who holds a Ph.D. in ecology from the University of British Columbia’s Institute of Animal Resource Ecology, also added his name to the growing list of scientists who are skeptical of the Holy Church of Gore-bal Warming’s doctrine that the world is going to turn into Kevin Costner’s box office hit Waterworld.

Over the past few decades, it seems, Moore has been having a time-lapsed walk down the road to Damascus. He expressed concern about the growing trend within the environmentalist movement towards “[inventing] doom and gloom scenarios” and “[abandoning] science and logic in favor of emotion and sensationalism.” He used to oppose nuclear power on environmentalist grounds, but he now supports it, for environmentalist reasons. The list of things that the founder of one of the most well-known and influential environmental advocacy groups in the world has realized aren’t true goes on and on.

Yet the question—the moral of today’s story—remains: what happens to a movement, when the people who started it are no longer welcome, or comfortable, in the movement?

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