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Gosnell’s House of Horrors Exposes The Soulless Feminist Left

Posted on January 22 2011 11:07 am
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One of the biggest news stories this week has been the exposure of Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s house of horrors masquerading as an abortion clinic in Philadelphia, PA. Since the grisly reality of what was happening behind those closed doors came to light, there was an immediate firestorm of outrage and controversy surrounding the issue. Pro-life activists have argued that legislators were willing to overlook the massive issues that repeatedly came to light because they are afraid of the backlash from the abortion lobby. Pro-abortion activists among the feminist left, most notably Amanda Marcotte, have given only the tiniest condemnation while excusing the abortion atrocities in the name of choice. But is a murderous butcher posing as an abortionist really the best argument for choice, and how entrenched in an abortion agenda must one be to make excuses for these abuses?

Operation Rescue published heart-wrenching photographs from Gosnell’s butcher shop. Looking at them was immensely difficult for me — these children were barely older than my son is now.

I had a 4D ultrasound this week, and posted some of the videos on my Facebook page. Last night, I got an e-mail from Kate at Blatherings Blog asking if she could post one of them on her blog. I told her yes, and here is the video she chose to post:

That’s my son, Ben, at 29 weeks yawning. I have other videos of him sucking his thumb and moving around. On other ultrasounds I’ve seen him kick his little feet and wave his little arms. I’ve not only heard his heart beating, I’ve seen it. I look at those images and wonder what he’ll look like when he’s born, I wonder if he’ll want to play soccer and hockey like his dad did, if he’ll follow his dad’s footsteps and join the Marine Corps, if he’ll get married, what his children will look like. I look at those images and see an entire future, a lifetime of hope and promise, spread out in front of me. I could never look at those images, hear that heartbeat, and feel him moving inside me, and consider killing him. I couldn’t imagine how anyone could make that choice. I’ve always been pro-life, but I can’t understand how someone who has carried a child can remain pro-abortion.

I caused a firestorm of controversy back in October when I pondered this, daring to ask how pro-abortion extremist Jessica Valenti felt about abortion now that she’s carried and birthed a child of her own.

When Valenti heard her baby’s heart beating, did she think it was just an abortable clump of cells? When she saw her daughter moving in her uterus, was it a fetus or a baby? When she felt her baby kicking, did she have any doubt about what she was carrying? If she had miscarried (and thank goodness she didn’t), would she have thought she lost some fetal tissue or would she have thought she lost her baby? A pregnant woman knows the truth. It’s why so many women feel they need to lie to themselves or avoid an ultrasound before an abortion. If they were to admit the truth to themselves, they wouldn’t be able to live with themselves.

These are questions she’ll probably never answer. (She blogged about her pregnancy only once.) To answer truthfully would be to undermine what she’s spent years fighting for. After all, when you see the little baby squirming and moving on that ultrasound screen, there’s no doubt about what it is. But to admit that a pregnant woman is carrying a baby, and not a meaningless clump of cells, would be to open Pandora’s Box for pro-abortion radicals like Valenti. If it’s a baby, then to abort it is murder. Quite a sticky situation for a femisogynist to get herself into, isn’t it?

It’s the same situation pro-aborts like Amanda Marcotte, Jill Filipovic, and Vanessa Valenti find themselves in now as they struggle to defend abortion rights in the wake of the Gosnell controversy. To let themselves be as outraged as the rest of decent society is would undermine everything they’ve been fighting for. And who cares if a few infants and one woman died for abortion rights? They’ve got an agenda to push.

Interestingly, NARAL celebrated Blogs for Choice Day yesterday. Is this an example of the choice we’re supposed to fight for as women? To pretend that this is some kind of an aberration is a joke. How many other hospitals, medical departments, health boards, and DAs are looking the other way in the name of protecting abortion rights? Abortion advocates refuse to even address the possibility. This is a one-time problem, one wackjob who has nothing to do with abortion and all other abortion clinics are “safe”. The question is, if this really has anything to do with women’s rights and freedom of choice, then why can’t we ask these questions? Why the lack of regulations for abortion clinics? If this was really a question of choice and women’s rights, abortion extremists like Amanda Marcotte would be outraged and demanding to know the answers to these questions. After all, it is women who are suffering, and it is women who extremists like Marcotte claim to be fighting for.

If you want to know how soulless the abortion movement really is, then just look at their response to Gosnell’s House of Horrors. What kind of person must you be to see the atrocities that took place at this clinic and argue for more abortions? It says a lot about abortion advocates, that they would brush the murder and abuses of women and children under the rug to protect the right to have an abortion. But before we can understand the depths of the pro-abortion feminist left’s depravity in their reaction to the Gosnell case, we need to understand just what went on behind those closed doors.

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