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Top 5 Potential Allies Conservatives Ignore – at Our Peril

Posted on January 22 2011 6:00 am
Rob Taylor has a Master of Arts degree from Wesleyan University. He blogs at Greenville Dragnet.

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1. Gays

The conservative obsession with marginalizing gays is almost self-defeating. The only reason the unreasonable amount of anti-gay sentiment on the Right hasn’t hurt us politically is because gays are a fairly small part of the population. But increasingly non-gays are put off by our tolerance of Marxist style anti-gay rhetoric.

Much like Stalin’s Russia, the modern conservative movement is more concerned with male homosexual behavior than they are with lesbianism, which has always led me to believe that anti-gay sentiment is largely a result of an internal fixation on oral or anal sex rather than a coherent moral stance. But if we are a free society, are we not free to be gay?

Because the marriage issue tends to be the most polarizing I would remind my fellow conservatives that gay marriage was first proposed by the right as a way to make male gays more moral, and it was strenuously opposed by the Left. I have no real feelings one way or the other, except to recognize that gay marriage will likely happen within my lifetime and it won’t effect my marriage at all.

But arguments about gay marriage and the morality of two men getting it on are basically theological. Ideologically, gays can be as conservative as anyone else. One need not love the ladies to want lower taxes, promote a strong national defense and recognize American exceptionalism. A gay man or lesbian may not make a good Christian, but they are often good Americans.

The Pink Pistols have worked hard to protect our 2nd Amendment rights and bring people who are otherwise not political into the fight to stop leftist gun control. Is their sexual activity more important to you than having an ally in the fight against civilian disarmament? Even as conservative organizations boycott CPAC over their participation GOProud is passionately defending conservatism in the media. Can we afford to lose these loyal and articulate allies over some people’s distaste for man on man action? Is placating people who think far too long and hard about male homosexual behavior worth being painted as myopic Falangists who care more about hating a tiny group of people than we do about defending our country from tyranny?

It is 2011 and it is time to for conservatives to grow up and realize that gays do not threaten society, and certainly not to the extent that leftism does. So why can we not agree to disagree on one or two issues and ally ourselves with gays for the other 80-90%?


These are just a few of the potential allies we have failed to reach out to, which allows them to be co-opted by the Left even when they don’t share its interests. We can no longer sit by and let the Left become the de facto home to anyone who is not a married, White evangelical Christian. Conservatism is not a provincial philosophy, it is light in the darkness and the inheritance of all civilized peoples. Let us build bridges to those who have a stake in keeping America free, prosperous and strong. The time for dividing Americans around theological, ethnic and even sexual preference lines is over, it is time for Americans to embrace the strength of the melting pot once more.

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