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iPirate: Supporting Eco-Terrorism on the Go

Posted on January 20 2011 9:00 am

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As the first decade of the 21st century comes to a close, most of us are still looking back at all the nice stuff we found under our Christmas trees on that special morning.  Some of us may, on occasion, have been stumped as to what to buy for that dyed-in-the-wool leftist friend or family member who has everything.  Another “Che” T-Shirt?  Another “mean people suck” bumper sticker?  A Link TV coffee mug?

Not to worry, because next year (or for that intervening birthday or High School graduation), you can now get him or her the new Sea Shepard Iphone and Ipod app, an application that allows users to “do their part by staying informed, sharing updates to improve awareness and raise funds, and help ensure our success to end [the] barbaric slaughter [of whales].”

The app’s producers, Synappsis Ltd and media 415 (yes, this is crying to be changed to “451”, but not to digress) claim the app’s purpose is to provide “international breaking news from Sea Shepherd campaigns,” “in depth” commentary by Watson et al on environmental issues, access to eco-friendly “She Shepard apparel, accessories, and gifts, and the “ability to donate to help keep their vessels and projects active.”

Not only is the app intended to be a cutthroat capitalist money maker for its producers, it has a “mission” as well.  That mission is to “engage and empower Sea Shepard supporters” in Watson’s ongoing “direct action” activities, “increase public awareness” of Sea Shepherd’s campaigns, and “forge a powerful bond of activism” among the faithful.

The Left, despite its fundamental ideological hostility to free market economic relations, property rights, and individual liberty, has never been averse to either making money or the profit motive in principle. Academic theory is one thing, while the real economic world (and its incentives) are quite another.  Al Gore has approached billionaire status through his promotion of apocalyptic human caused global warming while investing heavily in the very state subsidized “green technology” companies AGW theory says is our only hope for a “sustainable” future.

Hollywood Marxist Oliver Stone’s net worth comes in at around 50 million, much of which money he has made producing and directing films who’s central theme is that doing things like making big budget films and getting rich from selling them to the public is the very essense of evil.

James Cameron, the anti-corporate, anti-development, anti-profit director of last year’s Avatar, paean to the glories of all things primitive, is worth some 650 million. That’s not bad for someone who apparantly believes that hunter-gatherer levels of existence are preferable to those of modernity.

Ted Turner, who believes that Western industry, technology, and living standards are causing the planet to warm disastrously, and who has predicted that a few decades hence, humankind will be extinct due to AGW, has netted himself some 2.3 billion as an aggressive capitalist businessman (and also has five children, while promoting a china-like global “one child” policy for the common run).

Observers and critics of the Left have long noticed that the very system the Left deplores is utilized in efforts to attack and destroy it.  In similar fashion, the individual freedoms and rights (such as speech, press, religion and association) that the Left would deny to the masses of humanity are the very means through which they can teach, promote, and spread their doctrines without restriction or persecution.

Next: The marriage of capitalism and eco-terrorism…

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