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This Is What You Can Do With Your ‘Civility’!

Posted on January 17 2011 12:00 pm
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Fortunately, the leftist smear that Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, “Bushitler,” the March of Dimes, international bankers, Israel, and Winnie the Pooh created the “climate of hate” that somehow drove a severely mentally ill, largely apolitical man to shoot up a townhall meeting in Tucson on January 8 seems to be dying out. Over in the fever swamps of the left just a hard core of mendacious radicals such as Markos Moulitsas, the entire staff of the hate site Media Matters, and of course Paul Krugman and Chris Matthews, is sticking with (and in some cases doubling down on) this classic Big Lie.

But let’s not forget what this vicious smear is all about: intimidating people on the right into silence. As the wise libertarian economist Pierre Lemieux recently tweeted on the motives of authoritarians: “Hate: not wanting to be bossed around. Love: wanting to boss others around.” That which serves to stifle or oppose the left’s leveling agenda is “hate” to leftists because they believe they have gnostic access to the capital “t” Truth. Anyone who disagrees with this Truth is at best a fool and at worst a monster.

Lefties were just sitting around desperately hoping something would drop from the heavens that they could use to undermine Sarah Palin and opposition to President Obama and they (foolishly) seized on a violent incident that apparently had very little if anything to do with political rhetoric. The left’s calls for “civility” are completely disingenuous. After eight years of calling President George W. Bush, a terrorist, baby killer, mass murderer, fascist, anti-Christ, they are now demanding rhetorical disarmament from the right. Calls for a clampdown on talk radio and all sorts of other kookiness wholly unrelated to the Tucson’s shooters motives have come out of Congress in recent days. The public will soon forget about these crazy proposals but the left will continue to push this defective “civility”/conservative-speech-equals-hate argument in order to periodically whip its troops into a frenzy in order to guard the so-called achievements of the Obama administration and make sure the president gets reelected in 2012.

It is the height of dishonesty but it’s what passes for thought on the radical left nowadays. No smear is too outrageous, no lie too big. The ends justify the means now more than ever.

Andrew Klavan summed up the left’s attitude best in a “Klavan on the Culture” video:  the left wants the right to “shut up.”


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