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‘The President’s Analyst’ (1967): When America’s biggest enemy was… the phone company?

Posted on January 17 2011 3:00 pm
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I’ve told you before about my mixed feelings regarding Trailers from Hell. As a fan of crappy cult films, I look forward to their weekly selection of old movie trailers, which feature commentaries by established directors and other industry insiders.

What I hate is the kneejerk leftism that permeates those commentaries. (For a particularly egregious example, see my reaction to John Landis’ remarks about The Purple Heart [Note: language warning.] Funny, you’d think Landis of all people would want to avoid the topics of “beheading” and “Asians”…)

Anyway, today they posted the trailer for the 1967 movie The President’s Analyst.

This mostly-forgotten curio is one of those “zany” 1960s “comedies” in which a bunch of B-listers run around screaming, hoping the audience will think it was hilarious.

If Get Smart had had pretensions to satirical social commentary, it would be The President’s Analyst.

Basically, the idea is that everybody in America is in therapy (which, if you’re a Hollywood liberal, must seem like the truth.) And if even the President had a shrink, spies and stuff would be trying to kidnap him to learn the President’s deepest secrets, right?

Oh, and America’s biggest enemy is… the phone company.

Again, I guess that’s how it seemed if you were a Hollywood liberal.

Look: I’m old enough to remember the old telephone monopoly. If you missed it, you’re lucky. It was terrible. Agreed.

So now you’re thinking, “Hey, so why not just deregulate the phone company and live in the wonderful world we have now, with competition, efficiency and innovation?”

No, stupid! That would make sense! Instead, let’s make a movie about how Ma Bell is worse than the Soviet Union, which killed tens of millions of people. (Alas, none of the the ones involved in this film…)

And then, when the phone company does get deregulated, let’s demonize the guy who does it:

Ronald Reagan.

That, boys and girls, was your “How to Think Like a Hollywood Liberal” lesson for today.

I doubt a movie like The President’s Analyst will make sense to anyone born after 1980. But the trailer is up at Trailers from Hell today, so that’s my excuse for writing about it.

Also: the commentary says Godfrey Cambridge’s “n-word” soliloquy is one of the greatest in film history. He’s wrong; that’s another thing a Hollywood liberal would think. But it’s timely, because it’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so if you want to watch (and can handle historically accurate language), click here.

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