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Chris Matthews Thinks Conservative Women Are Dingbats

Posted on January 17 2011 9:00 am
Jeff Jefferson is a carpenter who lives with his family in rural Illinois. He is a Tea Party participant and blogs at his site:
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At one time or another everyone has been exposed to the narrative: the inept and bumbling man, the hopelessly out of touch father, and the childish husband that is absolutely reliant on his exasperated mommy-wife. Unless one has been living in a vacuum, one has seen this scenario depicted in movies, television shows, and commercials ad nauseam. For instance, the politically conscious sitcom All in the Family was a show that worked to spawn this portrayal, and it has been a media device for so long that it has transcended cliché and become a standard upon which all depictions of men are based.

This media narrative also carries with it a converse posit where women are intuitively smarter, more confident, and intellectually superior to men. Since left-wing politics are the dominant paradigm within the media, one gets the sense that this portrayal of men and women has an underlying political motivation. Just as the cowardly left attacks aspects of Christian expression while simultaneously tip-toeing around all things Islamic, it falls within the boundaries of political correctness to depict men as stupid while concurrently portraying women as mentally advanced.

Lately, we have begun to see cracks in this narrative. With the rising popularity of conservative females backed by the Tea Party movement, the leftist media has found it advantageous to break with its traditional portrayal of women. Suddenly, it is not just every woman that is intuitively competent, but specifically, women on the Left. Conservative women such as Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Christine O’Donnell are frequently portrayed in the media as unintelligent.

On a recent installment of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” Chris Matthews could not contain his mocking laughter as he announced the breaking news that Michele Bachmann had been appointed to the House Intelligence Committee. Matthews does not make any case to support the idea that Bachmann lacks the competence to be on the intelligence committee; to him it is simply a forgone conclusion based on her gender and political leanings. Matthews has made trivializing remarks about Christine O’Donnell as well. During O’Donnell’s campaign, Matthews dismissed her as a “cute” girl that is “just having fun.” Somehow, conservative women are inherently bimbos.

However, the most glaring examples of the bimbo narrative are focused upon Sarah Palin. Matthews, along with many in the mainstream media, have repeatedly accused her of lacking intelligence. From the outset of her emergence upon the national stage Matthews has questioned her intelligence: calling her an empty “vessel” that lacks “independent thinking” which will be filled up with conservative rhetoric. When Palin’s first book deal was announced, Matthews was quick to dismiss: “If she can read, if she can write, she’ll make money.”

Last Friday, preemptively criticizing an upcoming appearance on Hannity, Matthews compared Palin’s appearance to an infomercial that would be “selling makeup foundations.” Palin was to discuss the recent blood libel comment she made in response to accusations that she incited the Arizona shootings. The blood libel comment has caused a secondary firestorm surrounding the Arizona killings within the media, and Matthews did not miss a chance to question Palin’s intelligence once more:

“[T]here’s a lot of well-educated people who live in the country…the fact is, she doesn’t want to be one of them. Why doesn’t she want to be educated in the basics?”

The left-wing chorus within the mainstream media has also advanced these sentiments. After years of questioning a woman’s competence being considered the height of misogyny, we find that the rules have changed. Just as the Left dismisses black conservatives as not being authentically black, now, if a woman’s political ideology does not fit into the identity-box that the Left has built for her she is portrayed as a dingbat.

The narrative where leftist thought is considered smart and informed while conservative thinking being regressive is nothing new, but what is new is that those that have portrayed themselves as the champions of women are dropping their charade. As with most left-wing postulates, the rules are there to be followed by the Right and to be discarded when it becomes advantageous to the Left: ideological isms are always trumped by advancement of the agenda.

As for Chris Matthews, Archie Bunker’s chair may be sitting in the Smithsonian, but the new seat of sexist bigotry can be found on the set of MSNBC’s “Hardball.”

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