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The News About Blood Libel (Not Sarah Palin, the OTHER One)

Posted on January 13 2011 4:00 pm
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When the calendar approaches the Jewish Holiday of Passover there is usually much discussion and unfortunate new examples of the infamous lie against Jews, the blood libel which charges that Jews use the blood of Gentile children to make Matzo (the unleavened bread eaten as part of the holiday’s observance).

Surprisingly this week, smack in the middle of January, months before Passover, the blood libel is back in the news primarily due to the progressive media’s attack on Sarah Palin for using the term in defending herself against false charges that her rhetoric helped to incite the violence in Tucson which included amongst its victims Congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords.

While the media focused on the supposed infraction by Governor Palin, they ignored a more severe infraction by one of their own, Time Magazine. Time’s offense wasn’t about using the term blood libel, or the term for any other uniquely Jewish experience incorrectly. Through the writing of Jerusalem correspondent Karl Vick, Time actually perpetuated the blood libel myth.  It wasn’t the usual tale of blood being used for matzo, it was the modern version: because of its wanton desire to steal land from its innocent Arab neighbors, Israel shamelessly spills the blood of the poor peaceful Palestinians.

In this past week’s issue Vick has a piece called Israel’s Rightward Lurch Scares Some Conservatives. This work of venom against the Jewish state is laden with lies and half-truths written with Vicks’ usual distain for America’s only reliable ally in the Middle East.

For those who have the privilege of reading the piece on-line, there is the added bonus of Time’s editors getting in on the act, by placing teaser links to stories of alleged Israeli Government mistreatment of foreign children. In bold red letters dividing the copy of Vick’s article are headlines such as “Watch video of Israel preparing to deport children of migrant workers,” and“See photographs of young Palestinians in the age of Israel’s security wall.

In the article Vick claims that a Palestinian woman, Jawaher Abu Rahma, was killed by tear gas set loose by IDF soldiers:

Last week, after a Palestinian woman died after inhaling tear gas fired by Israeli troops, army spokesmen mounted a whisper campaign suggesting she died of natural causes. The unlikely, anonymous explanation was played prominently by Israeli newspapers. Those who said otherwise stood accused of “trying to de-legitimize the Israel Defense Forces.”

An understanding over the death of Bilin protestor Jawaher Abu Rahmah last week is taking shape. Both sides have concluded that Abu Rahmah hadn’t died from inhalation of tear gas at the Bilin protest but from the results of the medical care she received along with medical problems she suffered from prior to the demonstration; Judea and Samaria Division Commander Nitzan Alon revealed Friday.

In his account Vick has fallen victim to a mistake made by most Israel correspondents of the mainstream media, he accepted the word of anti-Israel activists verbatim without double checking their facts.  If he tried five minutes of investigation the Time writer might have learned that there was a joint investigation between the IDF and the Palestinian Authority which was zeroing in on the treatment Jawaher Abu Rahma received in the hospital. Indeed, at the same time the magazine hit the newsstands the investigation concluded she died of medical malpractice.

Correspondent Vick proceeds to criticize a new law passed by the Knesset by dispensing incorrect information about the execution and intent of the legislation.

“Just last week, the coalition prompted cries of McCarthyism when it moved to crack down on Israeli human rights organizations deemed suspicious by a government that increasingly equates dissent with disloyalty. Taking a page from neighboring authoritarian states, Netanyahu encouraged support for the law, appointing a panel to investigate independent organizations that are critical of government actions.”

Wow, Israel sounds like quite the police state. But of course, Karl Vick is not telling the truth.

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