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British Muslim Child Exploitation Brushed Off by Leading Investigator

Posted on January 13 2011 11:00 am
Lisa Graas has covered politics and religion at her blog since 2008. She has served as a crisis pregnancy counselor, youth speaker, mental health advocate and legislative consultant.

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Shafiq’s attempt to gloss over this problem echoes clearly the age-old leftist cry for multiculturalism which continues to fail to live up to the test of logic.

For the past several decades, the leading opinion-makers in the media, the universities and the churches have promulgated the view that notions of Western political and economic dominance are the residue of Western exploitation of, and aggression towards, other cultures. Underlying this view—and the corresponding notion that these other cultures are “morally equal” if not superior to the West–is an overwhelmingly negative critique of Western civilization itself.

According to this ideology, instead of attempting to globalize its values, the West should stay in its own cultural backyard. Values like universal human rights, individualism and liberalism are regarded merely as ethnocentric products of Western history. The scientific knowledge that the West has produced is simply one of many “ways of knowing.” In place of Western universalism, this critique of the West offers the relativism of multiculturalism, a concept that regards the West not as the pinnacle of human achievement to date, but as simply one of many equally valid cultural systems.

Although originally designed to foster tolerance and respect for other cultures, these sentiments were subsequently captured by the radical left and used for its political ends. Thus the history of Western culture is regarded as little more than a crime against the rest of humanity. The West, say the critics, cannot judge other cultures but must condemn its own.

Thanks to the leftist doctrine of multiculturalism, Shafiq can get away with offering up the idea that “white girls are less valuable” without offering any claim that they are, in fact, just as valuable as any other person, and be considered by the Left to be battling racism.

Perhaps you will not think it racist of me to suggest that “family values” are not exactly on the rise in Britain’s white community. Perhaps what is really going on here is that Islamic men who have a prime example of pedophilia as their highest human role model are taking advantage of the fact that white girls are both less virtuous than Muslim girls and also considered to be less valuable than Muslim girls.

A good dose of common sense seems to be what British investigators need to address the brutalization of girls in their jurisdiction.

Someone should direct them to Discover the Networks.


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