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British Muslim Child Exploitation Brushed Off by Leading Investigator

Posted on January 13 2011 11:00 am
Lisa Graas has covered politics and religion at her blog since 2008. She has served as a crisis pregnancy counselor, youth speaker, mental health advocate and legislative consultant.

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In the aftermath of the arrest of a gang of Pakistani Muslim sexual predators in Britain, a serious debate has erupted along cultural lines. The question? Should British investigators take seriously what some call an emerging trend in Britain of “Pakistani” men engaging in “on-street” grooming and sexual exploitation of young white girls? Or would it be ‘racist‘ for them to do so? Former Home Secretary and Labour MP Jack Straw is under heavy fire for pointing to the problem which some claim has been ignored for years in Britain out of fear of being labeled as racists.

Last week researchers identified 17 prosecutions since 1997, 14 of them in the past three years, involving the on-street grooming of girls aged 11 to 16. The victims came from 13 towns and cities and in each case two or more men were convicted of offences. In total, 56 people, with an average age of 28, were found guilty of crimes including rape, child abduction, indecent assault and sex with a child.

Three of the 56 were white, the rest Asian. Of those, 50 were Muslim and a majority were members of the British Pakistani community.

A “majority” from a group of 56 people would number 29 or more people, so though this is being debated as an issue of “race”, with the leftist media frequently using the term “Asian” in describing the men, and sometimes the word “Pakistani” one might rightly wonder if the problem may have more to do with Islam than with Pakistan (also known as “Land of the Pure” or “Pornistan“). I say this not only because of the numbers, which are fairly straight-forward, but also based on the history of pedophilia within Islam that is, of course, well-documented.

The Prophet Mohammad married a nine year old, so what should keep his followers from doing the same?  Child marriage runs rampant throughout the Muslim world and is promoted through Sharia as a way to keep young women pure.

After it was announced that Britain’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection center (CEOP) would be tasked with investigating this trend, CEOP head Peter Davies brushed off the claim that child exploitation should be addressed “along ethnic lines”. His comments were featured in the online edition of the leftist British newspaper The Guardian.

The sexual exploitation of children cannot “be simplified along ethnic lines,” the head of the child protection agency said today.[…]

[…]Ceop’s assessment would establish “whether it is accurate to identify any patterns of offending, victimisation, or vulnerability within these cases” as well as identifying how victims and offenders could be better identified.

Davies said the investigation was prompted by “recent events” including the conviction of Asian men in Derbyshire for abusing girls as young as 12, which sparked claims from Jack Straw, the Labour former home secretary, of a cultural problem in the Pakistani community.

Straw’s claim that Pakistani men view young white girls as ‘easy meat’ is disputed by Muslim community leader Mohammed Shafiq, but in an interview with the BBC, Shafiq remarkably appears to first deny and then confirm Straw’s claim.

These gangs that operate are criminals. There’s nothing in their culture, there’s nothing in their religion that suggests that this sort of thing is ingrained. For Jack Straw, the former Home Secretary, to suggest that this somehow is ingrained within young Pakistani men, I think is quite dangerous. I think we need to step back and rather than throw these accusations at the community we should be looking at how, why are these people doing this, and I think there are two reasons why they are doing this. The first is that they do believe, an element of what Jack Straw was saying, is white girls are less valuable, of less morals than their own daughters and their own sisters, and a second thing is that there is no fall-back on them in the community. If they were to pick an Asian girl or a Muslim girl, there would be a huge uproar in the community, and that’s the reason why people believe that this sort of thing goes on.

So, according to Shafiq, Jack Straw is wrong, but Jack Straw is right. Are you confused yet? If so, don’t worry. You’re not the only one. The Week reports “Muslims Back Jack Straw on Pakistani Rape Gangs“.

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