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Amanda Marcotte, “Feminist,” Now Blaming Paranoia and Me for AZ Shooting

Posted on January 13 2011 12:00 pm
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Apparently, I’m now in Amanda Marcotte’s crosshairs for “creating an environment that leads to violence” or something. Failing to pin the Arizona shooting on Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, masculinity, misogyny or any other leftist pet scapegoat, Marcotte has turned her scope on me. No one is allowed to criticize leftists. If you do, you’re threatening them. Marcotte has called me a paranoid liar for pointing out her indefensible political positions. This is easily refutable. The following is a list of the “lies” I allegedly told about Marcotte and the irrefutable proof that my accusations are true.

1. I called Marcotte an extreme leftist.

Here’s her attempt to refute this accurate characterization:

This is a nonsense term at this point, since everyone to the left of Richard Nixon is now an “extreme leftist”.  Nonsense terms, at least when being used in the service of hoodwinking instead of a rhetorical flourish, contribute to the paranoia problem.

Actually, anyone left of John F. Kennedy is an extreme leftist. Today, JFK, the Left’s favorite idol, would be a Republican. He was the last known Democrat to understand economics and the fact that raising taxes does NOT help a failing economy recover. Another thing no one talks about is JFK’s probable pro-life stance. While there are no public statements (because abortion wasn’t on the table during his presidency) he did appoint a pro-life Supreme Court Justice, Byron White, to the bench. This is something no self-respecting Democrat would even consider. There isn’t a Democrat alive today who truly lives by, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” They’re too busy trying to get their constituents on food stamps and permanently installing them on the country’s tab (and consequently on their voter rolls) forever. A more accurate philosophy for today’s extreme Left is, ask not what you can do for your country, but what you can do to your country, including bankrupting it and selling it to the Chinese.

That Marcotte is pro-abortion, and I’m sure votes with today’s Democrats, is enough proof for me she’s on the extreme Left. Democrats are extremists. How else do you explain their outrage at reading the Constitution on the floor of the House? Only extremists could be offended by the document they swore to uphold and protect.

2. I called Marcotte an abortion-lover.

Marcotte claims this is false:

If this wasn’t tied to a larger right wing theory that pro-choicers actually have a deep love of uterus scraping, I’d write this off as hyperbole.  Sadly, this is about invoking what is a straight up lie, which is that anyone “loves” abortion, which is like saying someone “loves” open heart surgery or “loves” going to the ER to have a bone set.

She really should have scrubbed her Web site before claiming not to love abortion. I wrote a post recently entitled 28 Revolting Quotes That Define the Pro-Abortion Left. Guess who’s on it?

I was in full support of the “I had an abortion” T-shirt, because to me, it’s not complicated. The anti-choice movement tries like hell to erase women’s existence, or at least our individuality, and the T-shirt undermines that. It also clarifies that abortion is nothing to be ashamed of. For me, “I had an abortion” should be as morally loaded as “I had a Pap smear”.

Who is erasing womens’ existence more than abortionists killing unborn women in the womb? If Marcotte doesn’t love abortion, I think it’s pretty clear she likes it very much and wants women to be proud of it and advertise it on their chests. This is an extreme view. How does having an abortion help your individuality? What about the individual you just exterminated? Marcotte insists abortion is nothing to be ashamed of. Not only that, but Marcotte believes abortion to be moral!

In fact, they should be proud of themselves for taking care of themselves despite all the misogynist messages out there that women don’t have a right to take care of ourselves.

Taking care of oneself includes teeth brushing and proper hygiene. Abortion cannot possibly be put on the same level as applying moisturizer or getting a facial. Only to crazed extremists is this connection plausible. The pro-life movement has no interest in getting between a woman and her anti-wrinkle cream, but we certainly believe your right to “take care of yourself” ends when it includes terminating the rights of an entirely different person. A baby is not you. It has its own DNA, it’s own eye color, hair color and blood type. It cannot possibly be considered part of your body simply because it resides there temporarily. Extreme leftists like Marcotte practice willful ignorance where these facts are concerned. Any fact that gets in the way of their love for abortion is simply ignored. It is clear that Marcotte loves abortion more than the truth.

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