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“Feminist” Left Blames Masculinity, Misogyny & Christine O’Donnell for AZ Shooting

Posted on January 11 2011 9:00 am
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But how seriously can we take Marcotte when she demonstrates an elementary level IQ? (I bet she has a college degree too, maybe a few.)

Take, for instance, their fury at the social construct of currency—they just really can’t stand that money has value because people believe it has value and act like it has value, and so they flail around, demanding things like the gold standard, without taking the time to realize that gold only has value for exactly the same reason paper money only has value, which is that people say so.

Actually Amanda, gold has value because it is a rare metal, unlike paper…of which we have an overabundance. There’s this whole “supply and demand” theory that you might want to look into before embarrassing yourself in print.

Getting to the source of this theory of masculinity being the root of all evil, we really need to look at Jessica Valenti, founder of Feministing who wrote an article for The Guardian blaming the Arizona shooting on violent masculinity (and Sarah Palin of course). After fingering all the expected targets and twisting their words and deeds completely out of context (as is par for the course where the Left is involved), Valenti throws this whopper out there.

In a country that sees masculinity – especially violent masculinity – as the ideal, it’s no wonder that this type of language resonates. But it’s a sad state of affairs when women in politics have to resort to using the same gendered stereotypes that kept all women out of public service for so long.

What “type of language” is it that resonates in a country that idealizes “violent masculinity”? The violence-inciting language commonly used in our “man-up culture,” of course:

In the Colorado Senate primary, Republican Jane Norton accused her opponent of not being “man enough”; in the Delaware Senate primary, Republican Christine O’Donnell said that her opponent was “unmanly”; Angle told Harry Reid to “man up”; and Palin praised Republican Arizona Governor Jan Brewer as having “the cojones that our president does not have” to enforce immigration laws.

And what does Valenti mean by “especially violent masculinity?” She gives no examples. I can only imagine she means sports like Miss Marcotte. How do these people get away with spouting stuff like this with absolutely no proof, no examples and no substance? Who is editing this crap? I shudder to think what men will be like if these girls mold them into their ideal. The human race would die out, for what woman would ever want to have sex with one of these castrati? To take the masculine out of the male is to turn him female and unless you’re a man-hating lesbian, I don’t see how that would be preferable to testosterone-fueled warrior men. I dig men. The bad-ass kind who will protect their families with ferocity, think their wives are smokin-hot, and changes diapers like a pro. You don’t have to shoot up a guy with estrogen for him to be helpful.

Is Valenti, “feminist,” suggesting that women who use “male” language or engage in “male” behavior are gender traitors? I thought we were supposed to be whoever we wanted to be? Doesn’t that include taking down a caribou if we want while smoking a cigar and swearing? These people confound me. They cannot make up their minds. They want men to be less masculine and now women should also be less masculine? So everyone should morph into women? I don’t get it. And how any of this relates to the shooting in Arizona should be clear.

It doesn’t.

Loughner is a mentally ill man with a dysfunctional family who gave out warning sign after warning sign that was ignored by everyone who knew him. When it’s all said and done, there will be plenty of blame to hand out, and none of the current scapegoats will be the right recipients.

Feminist Hawk

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