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“Feminist” Left Blames Masculinity, Misogyny & Christine O’Donnell for AZ Shooting

Posted on January 11 2011 9:00 am
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It didn’t take long for the fembots to come up with their own fantasy motivation behind the Arizona shooting. It was “woman-hating,” you see. It doesn’t matter that men were also targeted and killed (because that wouldn’t fit the theory.) “Feminists” see misogyny in everything. It is possible that Jared Loughner hated women. More likely, he hated Gabrielle Giffords for unknown and invalid reasons. But the progressive feminists have come up with a new way to smear the Right. Loughner, according to them, did what he did to live up to the right-wing idea of masculinity. (Which, of course, includes lots of misogyny, homophobia and pro-life views.)

As I’ve said before, the three biggest base-moving issues on the right all have to do with anxious masculinity: squelching reproductive rights and the female control over female bodies they represent, squelching gay rights because they subvert the tradition of sex and marriage being acts of male dominance over women, and gun nuttery, which can be summed up as wingnut fears that Democrats (feminized in their minds) are coming to take away their phallic symbols.

This dim analysis by Amanda Marcotte (extreme leftist, abortion lover and defender of female genital mutilation) is so full of meandering ramble it’s difficult to find her point. I am to believe that Loughner is influenced by right-wingers (even though he is described by a friend as a “pot-smoking liberal,” he burned an American flag on YouTube, and Karl Marx and Mein Kampf were among his favorite reading materials.) But he was still somehow influenced by evil conservatives to hate women and love guns? (Sidenote: My “phallic symbols” might save my life or the lives of my children one day. Marcotte’s probably just vibrate.)

It is impossible for people who practice identity politics, like the Left, to assign blame where it belongs. On the individual. Through a progressive lens, every perpetrator is a victim of some societal wrong always put in place by men (and only white masculine John Wayne types who hate women).

It’s a combination of factors. It’s the individual’s own personal problems and it’s the right wing noise machine ratcheting up the hysteria and it’s white male rage that would exist even without the amplification just because women and racial minorities are making gains.

White male rage. Now, there is some offensive rhetoric. If a white male is violently killed after the publication of Marcotte’s article, how many in the blame-Republicans-first media will mention her irresponsible hate speech? Did you catch the racial stuff thrown in for good measure? You can’t write an article about any subject without calling someone a racist if you reside on the Left. It’s a prerequisite. Of course, the ones crying “racist” first and loudest are usually the ones with the bigotry problem. Marcotte might want to recall the actual racist images of “spear-chuckers” she used in a book she wrote.

But this idea of male violence and our “obsession” with masculinity is interesting. Clearly the Left knows nothing about masculinity (see John Kerry). To leftists, all men should act like women. Any man who acts naturally male is putting on a show.

Unfortunately, it also means that violence is promoted, because it’s soothingly masculine. (See Tim Pawlenty’s attempts to win base voters over by taking passive aggressive potshots at his wife and claiming he loves to relax by enjoying violence.)

It took some digging to figure out what in the world Marcotte was talking about. Apparently, during a speech, Pawlenty referred to Mrs. Pawlenty as his “red-hot-smokin wife.” Meow! Somehow this is offensive to his wife? Effective immediately, I’m going to require my husband introduce me that way everywhere we go. What is wrong with a man being turned on by his wife? How is that misogynistic? I thought the orgasm-obsessed feminists loved sex. I guess it’s just married sex they can’t support. (Methinks Marcotte needs someone to consider her smokin-hot.) And the violence she referred to is hockey fights. I bet if Pawlenty was into Gonzo porn (where men beat up women while having sex with them on camera), Marcotte would have a difficult time finding a problem with it, cause you know, porn is empowering for women…or something.

Next: Jessica Valenti blames the shooting on conservative women & “violent masculinity” –>

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