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Top 5 Lies of the Pro-Abortion Left

Posted on January 9 2011 1:00 pm
Lisa Graas has covered politics and religion at her blog since 2008. She has served as a crisis pregnancy counselor, youth speaker, mental health advocate and legislative consultant.

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In America today there are two movements of people committed to taking a stand on the abortion issue. On both sides of this debate, there are people who dedicate their whole lives to this cause. I am one of them. Eighteen years ago, I became aware of the reality of abortion in America, and I have committed myself to educating others about the dignity of all human life. Like Mother Teresa, I believe that a nation that accepts abortion will accept any evil. For if one can accept that even a child in the womb, the one who should be the safest among us, may be legitimately sacrificed through direct killing, none of us is safe. In order to bring more acceptance of this killing, lies are perpetuated, primarily from the Left through the National Abortion Rights Action League [NARAL]. Below are the “Top Five Lies of the Pro-‘Choice’ Movement in America”.

Lie #1 — “Personally pro-life”

Nancy Pelosi, the late Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, and many other “Christian” politicians over the years who support legal abortion, have consistently stated when asked about abortion that they are “personally pro-life” even as they have actively sought to impede every effort by the pro-life movement to work for laws to end or limit the destruction of innocent children in the womb. Even some conservative politicians use “personally pro-life” to avoid being held accountable by the pro-life movement. For example, Sarah Palin has consistently taken a position that “personally” she would counsel someone not to have an abortion and bases her “pro-life stance” on the fact that she has had children, one of whom has a disability. Nancy Pelosi has spoken frequently of the fact that she has five children herself. Being “personally pro-life” and personally willing to have children, however, does not a “pro-life” leader make.  The use of the term “personally pro-life” by politicians has confused many people for years because it is so easily misinterpreted. Widespread insistence that Sarah Palin is ‘pro-life’ is, perhaps, the best example of this. Considering that people can be so easily fooled by the “personally pro-life” term, it is no wonder that the term is so frequently used by pro-‘choice’ candidates who understand that the term “pro-choice” is politically poisonous.

Indeed, a great many people who are truly pro-life often mistakenly believe that “personally pro-life” means that the candidate “personally supports” the organizations calling for laws to end abortion. Poll after poll after poll shows that voters are supportive of laws limiting abortion. Because most people do not bother to investigate thoroughly what a candidate actually means by the term “personally pro-life”, many people have the wool pulled completely over their eyes. In Sarah Palin’s case, she is actually able to stand before crowds at pro-life events and tell her “personally pro-life” story, fooling even the most committed pro-lifers into believing she would work for laws to end abortion, though she has never once committed to that on the public record.

Over the years, this term has gone beyond the realm of political campaigns and now is in wide use among pro-‘choice’ people at large, but the term ‘personally pro-life’ still means exactly what it has always meant: that the person does not support laws limiting abortion. “Personally pro-life” deflects from reality. Below, Ana Benderas of Live Action, explains why the term “personally pro-life” is flawed reasoning. (Live Action is a group of pro-life college students in the forefront today in exposing the lies of the pro-‘choice’ movement.)

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