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The 11 Most Ludicrous Free Passes Given to The Obamas

Posted on January 9 2011 6:00 pm
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One of the most infuriating events in the last few years for conservatives is surprisingly not the election of Barack Obama. What burns conservatives most of all is the refusal of the journalistic community to do its job where Obama is involved. Historically, the American press tends to be hard on a sitting president and the American people expect it. This keeps everybody honest. Never have we witnessed the media so willing to forgo its purpose for the advancement of one man.

It seems odd that in an age of “vetting” candidates (which seems to be the number one priority for the press, unless the candidate in question is Obama) that we know so little about the man who sits at the Resolute desk. What we do know about him–his lethargic response time, the reneging  on campaign promises, his excessive and multitudinous vacations, his robotic reliance on a teleprompter–is largely ignored or excused by the media, earning them a well-deserved nickname in conservative circles as the “State-Run Media.”

The press has long viewed itself as the fourth branch of government, ever vigilant and on high alert for any funny business. But what happens when the Fourth Estate goes rogue, throwing all precedence to the wind in pursuit of their dream candidate? One unintended consequence has been the dethroning of the major networks as a legitimate and unbiased source of news. Who takes them seriously anymore? Their credibility has taken a major hit. Any ten minute viewing of the nightly national news will be chock full of anti-Republican slurs and lots of Obama stroking.

This kind of blatant display of bias has been going on for many years which lead to the conservative majority on the radio waves and Fox News in answer to cable, network and major newspapers. But only now is the bias so glaring, so transparent, it can be said they’ve truly gone off the reservation.

The following are the most glaring examples of the major passes given to the Obamas and his administration that have been extended to any sitting president in history.

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