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Blind Dates and Soul Mates: How the Left’s View of Love Supports its View of Divorce

Posted on January 8 2011 9:00 am

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The cultural Left’s perception of human relationships, and especially relationships of the most intimate and formative kind, marriage and family, have a long, stormy, and checkered intellectual pedigree.  From Margaret Sanger to Simone De Beauvoir to Meade, Kinsey and Hefner, the Left has indulged its penchant for the condescending dismissal of the traditional and sacred and the adoration of the novel and outré for its own sake with relentless determination.  After my own divorce, nearly thirty years ago, I began a long, painful, but deeply enlightening search for answers and meaning to what had transpired in my life.  Some of the Left’s answers held a degree of attraction in callow youth, but both my religion and personal life philosophy, by then deeply established, turned me elsewhere.

I learned several very interesting things during those years.  One, from Steven R. Covey, in a book published in 1982 called The Divine Center, was that we tend to see the world, not as it is, but as we are.  Secondly, I came to understand the way in which we tend to seek out those for intimate relationships who reflect and complement our view of the world.

Agi Smith’s new post at the Huffpo Divorce page nicely encapsulates these concepts and allows us to look at them from the perspective of the affluent, upper class Left from within its own perceptual cubicle.  The theme of the post is on how finding a new romance after a divorce is not necessarily the answer to the psychological and emotional turmoil attendant to divorce.  That “rebound” relationships are not the answer to one’s recovery phase after a divorce leaves little to quibble with.  It’s Smith’s core assumptions and perception of marriage – and love – that are so telling.

Her friends (could these be uniformly affluent, upscale liberals?) tell her she needs to immediately find a new man to salve the wounds of her divorce.  They set her up for a couple of blind dates, and both go poorly.  All are smart, handsome, successful and affluent, but bad risks.  Smith runs the gamut of these blind dates to no avail.  Then, what might be representative of the entire empty shell of what the Baby Boom Generation Left passed down to its progeny as a philosophy of love and its meaning pours forth.

Answering her own question of why we fall for Hollywood’s version of love and romance when real Hollywood romances are so alarmingly fragile, she tells us:

When it comes to Hollywood, everyone knows that a lasting marriage is a statistical anomaly, so why do we eat their romantic garb and believe that such a fantasy could translate into our lives? I’ll tell you why; because, no matter how much it hurts or disappoints, love will keep on fogging our clarity allowing ourselves to continue to search and crave more of it. We will starve without it, so we forage through life in pursuit of our proverbial soul mate no matter the cost. The cost emotionally, physically, financially or spiritually we still move onward with a Panglossian verve to achieve this emotion called Love, yet again and again and again.

You see dear blog reader, love is not only blind, its a kind of mental derangement.  Love’s primary attributes here are “hurt” and “disappointment,” and its “fogging” effects on our rational minds are what keep us sniffing it out like a next fix.  We “forage through life” seeking a soul mate “no matter what the cost.”  As we are emotionally, physically, financiallly and spiritually reduced to human Silly Putty, we continue seeking intimate, meaningful relationships…again and again and again.

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