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  We Believe You, Scumbag

Posted on January 8 2011 6:45 am
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This is not a 10-year old memory of Anita Hill, witnessed by no one, but episodes immediately reported, like the episode featuring Kathy Willey (no longer employed at the White House) observed exiting the Oval Office, her lipstick smeared and blouse undone. Here, moreover, is not just alleged harassment but also alleged crimes of perjury and obstruction of justice. No one ever accused Thomas of that. By her own testimony, Hill regarded Thomas, even after the supposed incidents, as a friend and mentor to whom she could turn for advice, recommendations and career advancements. These — by her own testimony — were not attempts to shut her up but rather to offer her support.

By contrast, we have a sitting president allegedly seducing Monica Lewinsky, who was less than half his age, discarding her and then using the presidential fixer to try and hush her up. If true, this young woman has been talked into committing a felony. Talk about a male boss taking advantage!

And of course, the trashing of Paula Jones — the root cause of these latest events — has roused barely a squeak in feminist circles. Yet the infamous Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., despite apologizing for his tough handling of Hill during Thomas’ confirmation hearing, is still ritually hung out to dry by feminist goon squads wherever he appears. Where were the female guardians when Clinton lawyer Robert Bennett and spinmeister James Carville berated Jones as lying trailer trash? In the face of such double standards, who can take self-styled feminists seriously anymore?

Only conservatives, it appears, can be sexual harassers.

As for liberals, like Ted Kennedy and Clinton, they can have their way with women — any way they want. They can screw them, abandon them, ruin them, even leave them to drown, and feminists will look the other way. In fact, they will fight to keep them in power. It will be interesting to see whether any of them perceive that their own champion, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is in fact a classic abused spouse. And with that perception will come what — more lies to protect the guilty, so long as he is a “liberal”?

Editor’s note: The original column has been reformatted for ease of reading.

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