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Union Thugs Throw SnowMageddon Hostage Situation Snit-Fit!

Posted on January 5 2011 11:00 am
Jesse Hathaway survived the progressive re-education camps of Ohio University and the People’s Republik of Athens, and now lives and blogs in beautiful Myrtle Beach, SC. Follow him on Teh Twitter, and become part of his Right Turns Only posse.

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As the Big Apple digs itself out from the massive snowstorm that hit the city like the fist of an angry god last week, another story is being dragged out of the muck and into the frosty January air.

The New York Sanitation Department began to angrily deny rumors that it was undertaking a work slowdown as protest against budget cuts. Of course, as everyone knows, the perfect time to start whining about austerity is when Mother Nature dumps a ton of Freezing White Death on your roads, bringing the city to a screeching halt and putting countless citizens and travelers in mortal danger.

Fast-forward one day. New York City councilman Dan Halloran (R-Queens) announced that Sanitation Department whistleblowers had come forward, explaining that they had been instructed by leaders of the Service Employees International Union to intentionally sabotage the cleanup effort, as a sort of perverse payback for recent Sanitation Department budget cuts.

As a result of SEIU’s orders to kneecap the city’s economy, at least two New York City residents died waiting for emergency services, and thousands of subway commuters were trapped under the streets of New York.

In Brooklyn, three-month old Addison Reynoso died of a treatable respiratory infection, after EMS workers decided that physically carrying Reynoso to the hospital would be quicker than trying to brave the streets … the streets that SEIU workers were charged with keeping clear.

A man, aged 66, died of hypothermia, trapped on a subway platform—another victim of collateral damage in the union bosses’ war against their city employers.

The New York Post reports that city mechanics have complained to the paper about “drivers […] purposely smashing plows and salt spreaders to further stall the cleanup effort.”

As if this wasn’t outrageous enough, there was a method to the union bosses’ madness. NewsBusters columnist Tom Blumer writes that the aforementioned union bosses instructed sanitation workers to “give priority to streets near the homes of agency heads and other city bigwigs.” “Clean and safe streets for me, but not for thee”, eh?

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