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Huffington Post Marriage Counseling: Act Like You’re Divorced.

Posted on January 1 2011 1:00 pm

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Nothing animates and arouses the cultural Left, (outside of its hostility to economic liberty) than the “social issues,” and few issues concentrate its attention like questions relating to the nature and purpose of human sexuality.  It is perhaps within those areas relating to the most intimate and key of human relationships, marriage, that the Left has done the most damage and has had its greatest cultural successes.  At the base of the Left’s long siege of the family has been its central concern with the radically atomistic, autonomous self and its relentless search for “self fulfillment.”

An ecclesiastical leader within my own community of faith once proposed a series of questions one could ask oneself regarding one’s marital relationship:

First, am I able to think of the interest of my marriage and spouse first before I think of my own desires?

Second, how deep is my commitment to my companion, aside from any other interests?

Third, is he or she my best friend?

Fourth, do I have respect for the dignity of my spouse as a person of worth and value?

Fifth, do we quarrel over money? Money itself seems neither to make a couple happy, nor the lack of it, necessarily, to make them unhappy. A quarrel over money is often a symbol of selfishness.

Sixth, is there a spiritually sanctifying bond between us?

Interesting questions, all of them, especially taking into consideration contemporary circumstance, and Vicky Larson, a contributor to the Huffington Post’s recently launched divorce page, has an alternative answer from the Left: act like you’re divorced.

The basic thesis of Larson’s essay is twofold, the first being, following traditional leftist preoccupations, that divorce is the great liberator:

Ask any person what’s the best part of being divorced and it pretty much boils down to this: Freedom. It’s the Lady Gaga of words for the divorced; everyone talks about it.

Here is a classic reminder of the facile intellectual trivialization of just about everything, no matter how serious its import, that leftist popular culture overlays on even the most critical issues affecting the human condition

The second is that if one could only enter into a marriage already having the experience and knowledge of the divorced, one would be better able to avoid the problems, as she defines them, that inevitably appear in marital relationships.

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