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Colonel Flagg Battles the Pink Fungus

Posted on January 1 2011 7:00 pm
I'm a recovering Leftist who's now a Goldwater conservative. A lifelong Arizona resident, I'm a freelance writer. I spend my free time reading, power-walking, shooting and antiquing.

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New converts to the political Right meet a predictable reaction from leftist friends.  Besides being warned we’re going over to the dark side and being threatened with social death for our abandonment of the fashionable, we are assured that “all” conservatives are bigots and haters.  Not only have I heard that chorus many times, but I have been accused, even by some here, of thinking that way myself.  What cannot be explained, by those who stereotype my views that way, is – if that’s true – why I’m here in the first place.

Then there are the Colonel Flagg-from-M*A*S*H types, for whom all of life seems to be bad spy fiction.  To them, I am here as part of a shady coalition of evildoers bent on the destruction of all that’s holy. There’s no reasoning with people like this.  I have better things to do than even try.  The great majority of NewsReal Blog readers are too smart to buy into such nonsense anyway, so the silliness speaks for itself.

A current article in the Central Michigan Morning Sun online pleads for “acceptance” of gay rights.  While the effort is to be applauded, this is more preaching to the choir.  Those who are inclined to “accept” gay rights are going to accept them, and those determined not to never will.  What really needs to happen is that those who understand the statist menace emanating from the Left must keep from becoming a mirror image of it.  What we become is what conquers us.

As the Morning Sun piece notes, “the progressive movement cobbled itself together from constituencies given the cold shoulder by a Republican Party that defined itself by strict message discipline that left little room for anyone not capable of adhering.”  These groups are likened to “survivors from a shipwreck who found it easier to stay afloat clung together than treading water as individuals.”  While I appreciate the good will in the piece, I must say I don’t believe individuals must “tread water.”  Properly understood, the Goldwater conservatism I now embrace believes that only as individuals – who think for ourselves and take each person as a unit in his or her own right – can we exercise the responsibility we must over our lives.

Those who see gays as some sort of monolithic pink fungus creeping over the American landscape will persist in that view if they are determined to.  If there are not enough independent and muscular minds left in America to know better than that, this country won’t survive anyway.

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