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Standing Up for America

Posted on December 31 2010 6:45 am
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[Ion Mihai Pacepa reviews Dr. Jamie Glazov’s new book Showdown With Evil at American Thinker]

From time to time, a book can change history. Dr. Jamie Glazov’s Showdown With Evil is such a book, for it restores faith in American exceptionalism. Although its author was not privileged to be born in this country — or maybe for that very reason — he has dedicated his life to promoting America’s excellence. His new book tells us why millions of people from all over the world are willing to pay any price, even death sentences, to join this unique land of freedom — as he and I both did. It also proves that the Democratic Party’s portrayal of the U.S. as a “decaying, racist, capitalist realm” unable to provide medical care for the poor, to rebuild its “crumbling schools,” and replace the “shuttered mills that once provided a decent life for men and women of every race,”[1] is a self-serving lie designed to allow the leftist leaders of that party to steal America’s wealth and use it for converting this magnificent country into a monument to themselves. Finally, this book shows us, in great details, how to rebuild the U.S. as the leader of the world.

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