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The Top 10 Top 10s

Posted on December 31 2010 6:00 am
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5. August 28: 10 Bigoted Remarks Made by the ‘Tolerant’ Left In Obama’s ‘Post-Racial’ America by Lori Ziganto and Jenn Q. Public

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, we heard relentlessly about how Barack Obama would usher in the era of Post-Racial America. Upon his Presidential nomination and subsequent election, it reached a fever pitch, with every speech he made being lauded as the second coming of Martin Luther King, Jr. In reality, not so much. In fact, the reality was almost the antithesis of Martin Luther King, Jr’s dream – instead of being about character, everything became about thecolor of one’s skin.

Not a fan of “universal” health care? Racist! Approve of Arizona’s law attempting to stop the tide of illegal immigration? Racist! Disagree with President Obama on economic policy? Racist. Also, George Bush. The demagoguing of American citizens reached heretofore unknown epic levels.

It’s easy to understand why, once you realize it is a case of the Left not only protesting too much, but projecting too much. The Left’s own bigotry came out in full and disgusting display. If you want to understand what the Left believes and what they are doing at any given time, just look toward what they accuse others of doing. With all their crying and moaning about what they ‘ inherited’ from President Bush, there is one thing I do wish they had “inherited” — A desire to get rid of the “soft bigotry of lowered expectations.” Instead, those on the Left foment it.

It’s nearly impossible to narrow the list down, but here are ten remarks made by the “tolerant” left, which exemplify their own underlying bigotry.

The combination of Lori Ziganto and Jenn Q. Public is like burgers and French fries, peanut butter and chocolate, Stealth socialism and a mask of hopey changey “pragmatic” so-called “liberal” Obama rhetoric. They go together well to create something unique — a perfect package of conservative feminist yin and yang. That’s why I’m happy to announce that starting within the next few weeks NewsReal Blog will be unleashing a Ziganto-Q. Public solo blog. Think Instapundit except witih Lori and Jenn at the helm, bouncing off of each other’s energies and creativity with every post going out into the twitterverse as soon as it’s posted. In addition assistant managing editor Michael van der Galien and myself will each have similar solo blogs for keeping track of breaking stories and worthwhile links. We’re planning to roll these 3 ventures out in the next few weeks.

At NRB we want to reach every reader by providing something that suits each set of tastes. Some readers like long, 5000-word posts. For them we’ve got our daily list post feature. Others appreciate standard-blog posts. For them we’ve got the featured posts in the News, Feminist Hawk, In the Family Way, and Concession Stand sub-blogs. And still more prefer as-it-happpens short, running commentary of what’s happing RIGHT NOW. For them we’ll be unleasing these three new solo blogs shortly. That each of them will be running in a separate time zone will be all the better. Michael is perched in Europe, Jenn and Lori are on Eastern time, and I’m on Pacific. Once these three new features drop then the publication will be much more complete as far as the kinds of blogging content it provides.

Next: The only NRB post to ever generate a letter from a lawyer of the radical totalitarian being exposed….

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