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To the Left, Children Are Compensation

Posted on December 30 2010 12:12 pm
Suzanne Venker, a.k.a. "No Bull Mom," is an author, blogger, and speaker. You can find her at

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What makes a good parent?

Many things, of course. But an obvious prerequisite is someone whose parenting goals have less to do with what he or she wants and more to do with what children need. Sadly, this attitude no longer prevails in mainstream American society.

Elton John and Eva Longoria (Neil Patrick Harris, too) are the latest to jump on the Me first, Child last bandwagon. Longoria is in the process of divorcing husband Tony Parker (like most women in Hollywood eventually do), but she has no intention of letting a small thing like that stop her from being a mother. According to Us Weekly, Longoria has this to say about having children:

“It’s part of who I am and what grounds me. I believe I will have a baby one day, and hopefully it will be with an amazing father and husband. But if not, I’ll have a baby on my own.”

Like Jennifer Aniston, who made a similar pronouncement earlier this year, Longoria believes love is all that matters when it comes to raising children.

These women are not an anomaly. They’re merely expressing a sentiment that more and more people are coming to believe is true. The editors at Us Weekly say they’re “rooting” for Longoria to fulfill her dreams of becoming a mother. That she wants to do it solo raises no eyebrows whatsoever.

Part of the reason for this type of thinking results from our “open-minded” and morally relative culture that says we mustn’t judge other people’s choices. But a deeper, more evil reasoning exists as well: the idea that women who divorce their husbands are victims of evil men. The least these women deserve is a child. That’s what a child is to these folks: compensation.

Women aren’t the only victims in America who need compensation; so do gays and lesbians. Elton John, 62, has just had a son via surrogate with partner David Furnish, 48 — as has Neil Patrick Harris. John admits that for years he was reticent to become a parent because he travels so much and it “wouldn’t be fair to the child.” Apparently, his desire for a child trumped that smart observation.

Of course being gay was never a concern, for the same reason single women in Hollywood purposefully become parents: because they have so much love to give. That gay men cannot provide babies with a mother (and single women cannot provide babies with a father) is irrelevant. In their make-believe world, love will make up for this fact.

How does the left justify this?

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