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Annie Got a Gun for Christmas

Posted on December 30 2010 10:00 am
I'm a recovering Leftist who's now a Goldwater conservative. A lifelong Arizona resident, I'm a freelance writer. I spend my free time reading, power-walking, shooting and antiquing.
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Gun stores saw a spike in sales this Christmas season, the first one since rumors flew that President Obama might ban assault rifles.  Has the surge brought in scores of militant rednecks? Actually, no.  But women are buying guns in increasing numbers.

Most of my friends are leftists, and most of my female friends hate guns.  “Eeew,” they shriek at me when I tell them about my home arsenal, which now includes a Lady Smith .38 special and a Wyatt Earp-sized .357 magnum.  “How can you have a gun around? Guns KILL people!”

Yes, they do.  Mostly, they kill defenseless people.  Quite often, they are used to kill us.  When we are armed, at least we have a chance to save our lives instead of dying like deer in hunting season.

It may not be open season on law-abiding citizens anymore.  More and more of us are buying guns and learning how to use them We are coming to understand that guns don’t free-float around in the air, shooting people without anybody attached to them.  Yes, they can kill people.  But we have something to say about that.

In “A Message from Christmas Guns,” Richard Simms of the Chattanoogan online writes poetically of the special bond that exists between one who loves guns – using them well – and the “inanimate combination of polished wood and metal” that can be used for either harm or good.  “This is for the young men and women who were thrilled by the sight of a new gun under the Christmas tree.”  Yes, an increasing number of women were thrilled by the sight this year.  If they do learn to use their weapons well, some who might not otherwise live to see another Christmas may survive to celebrate the yuletide again.

What is the problem some leftists have with guns, anyway? Indeed, as Mr. Simms notes as he speaks for a Christmas gun, “I cannot think and I cannot do.  I am in your control and in a fraction of a second I can take a life; yours or anyone else’s who might be in my path at that dreadful moment of indecision.”  Well, leftists seem to have a lot of dreadful moments of indecision, which is why, perhaps, they shouldn’t own guns.  But I think I speak for most responsible gun owners when I say that we respect our weapons enough to take them seriously, and take the trouble to learn how to use them the right way.

The choice, as he says, is ours.  Leftists seem to have no use for choice, unless it is exercised in the procurement of an abortion or to pull the lever for a candidate who will take away our choice to do anything else.  Choice is the province of rational human beings – people capable of thinking for themselves.  It is part and parcel of the befuddlement of the Left that no distinction can be made between a cold-blooded murderer, for whom every benefit of a doubt must be allowed, and a woman home alone at night who must keep that killer from making her his next victim.  To leftists, everybody is a victim, and everybody must be considered as befuddled as they are.

The world they would leave us is nothing but chaos.  In the wrong hands, guns can bring nothing but more chaos.  But in the right hands, they can cut through the chaos and – in one moment of decision – snatch survival from the jaws of tragedy.

Feminist Hawk

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