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Tucker Carlson is Correct. Animal Cruelty Should be an Execution-Worthy Offense

Posted on December 29 2010 4:02 pm
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That hat is photoshopped on, btw.

That’s Maura, the third member of the Swindle-Bey household. She brings nothing to the table except unconditional love and affection. That’s what dogs do. We take care of them, and they take care of us. They are the most innocent, pure, selfless spirits to emerge since the Dawn of Time.

What kind of person would want to brutally torture to death such embodiments of goodness?

Michael Vick.

Tucker Carlson is making some waves with his proclamation that recently welcomed-back-into-the-fold-and-Obama-approved Vick should have been executed for his crime.

From Hot Air:

The subtext for this is obviously, “Oh, those wacky conservatives and their thirst for vengeance!”, but that isn’t really Tucker Carlson’s focus in this clip from his guest-hosting gig on Sean Hannity’s Great American Panel on Fox News Channel last night.

Tucker admitted to Ed that he was hyperbolizing:

I love dogs — we have three — and I think what Vick did was horrifying and shockingly cruel. Executed? I don’t know. I do know that 19 months is a joke. People get more than that for tax evasion. He certainly shouldn’t be back in the NFL with Obama rooting for him. What the president said is disgusting. That’s the story as far as I’m concerned.

Be sure and read the whole post at Hot Air for Ed’s perceptive analysis.

I basically take Tucker’s position in this. No one save for the fringes of the Animal Rights Movement would actually argue that the government should execute people for torturing and killing dogs.

But that’s not the same thing as saying how the offense should be regarded, how we as individuals and as a people should confront the dark evil of someone who would need to do this to animals to fulfill his own sick, psychologically-warped drives. Let’s just put government, and law, and criminality to the side for a moment. As I’ve written before several times and will continue to argue, we as human beings need to be more sensitive to recognizing what evil is.

We need to grasp it on the foreign policy level, on the domestic level, and within our own lives and personal interactions. And all need to be responded to in the same fashion: with resolute force, truth telling, and moral clarity. What other people think is unimportant. What matters is Doing the Right Thing and Telling the Truth. If you show weakness in the face of evil then it will know that you can be defeated — and it will not rest until your face tastes its boot heel.

If you’re not convinced then I invite you to just take a look into Maura’s eyes. Or take a look into the eyes of whatever little critter is scampering around your residence. Then look into the eyes of your children who will have to shoulder the debts our generations are creating. Then look into the eyes of the Muslim men, women, and children suffering under Shariah. The freedoms you take for granted every day are abstractions they have never experienced. (Update: here’s the post by Mama Hawk Phyllis Chesler about the image below.)

These are the ones who will suffer because of our inability to recognize and confront evil. Of course it’s no surprise that our President falls on the side he does with Vick. Downplaying the nature of the threats we face is what he does best. But not all of us are going to keep falling for it.

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