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Mayor Bloomberg’s Snow Job

Posted on December 29 2010 2:00 pm
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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has experienced this week his own Katrina-BP oil spill disaster management moment. Two days after a blizzard dumped more than twenty inches of snow on the city where I live, snow-clogged streets still abound, continuing to prevent New Yorkers from resuming even a semblance of their normal lives. The mayor has been giving New Yorkers a snow job rather than making sure the snow on the streets is removed on time.

It took the billionaire Bloomberg, who aspires to the title of the greatest mayor ever, more than 24 hours to realize that the situation was more than just “inconvenient.” Perhaps that is because his own posh Manhattan street was promptly cleaned. But as scenes displayed on TV and the Internet demonstrate, such has not been the experience for many New Yorkers.

One of the first jobs of mayor is to keep the streets clean. In fact, back in 2007 Bloomberg even boasted that New York City’s streets were cleaner than they had been at any time since the city  started keeping track more than 30 years ago. And, to his credit, there were no complaints to speak of during his first two terms regarding the clean-ups after prior snowstorms on his watch.

But like many do-gooder elites, this mayor has lost his focus. Instead of continuing to concentrate on the boring but essential responsibilities of governance for which he was elected a third time, Bloomberg has spent his time making sure that we all avoid consuming too much salt, soda, sugar and trans-fat and lecturing Congress on how to deal with China.

If that were not enough, consider the absurd length to which Bloomberg has gone to help out the sponsors of the Ground Zero mosque. Not only did he condemn his own constituents for daring to raise concerns about the particular location of this 15 story mega mosque and community center, which its promoter Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has described as an “icon” that the whole Muslim world can be proud of. Bloomberg’s team was also using taxpayer funded resources on the sponsors’ behalf to help advance regulatory approval of the imam’s self-proclaimed Islamic icon. Bloomberg’s community affairs commissioner went so far as to draft a letter for Daisy Khan, the imam’s wife, addressed to New York City’s Community Board 1 to secure its approval.

On his way to lecturing New Yorkers about the right of Muslims under the First Amendment to build their mosque wherever they want to, Bloomberg forgot all about the requirement under the First Amendment to keep mosque and state separate. What is he doing using government resources to advocate for this particular religion while actually placing burdens on other religions? For example, in 2005, when the Bronx Household of Faith, an inner-city Christian church, won a ruling in federal district court maintaining it had a right to hold religious services on Sundays in a New York City public school, the Bloomberg administration sued to block this exercise in religious liberty.

Here is a message for Mayor Bloomberg and other like-minded elitists who insist on meddling where they don’t belong instead of focusing on carrying out the responsibilities for which they were elected. Stop snowing us under with your self-righteous pomposity and just clean up the damned snow!

Joseph Klein is the author of a recent book entitled Lethal Engagement: Barack Hussein Obama, the United Nations and Radical Islam.

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