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Frisky “Feminists” Love Misogyny, Hate Sarah Palin

Posted on December 29 2010 8:00 am
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Have you ever laughed so hard your side hurts and you pee a little? (Don’t lie.) That’s what happened when I came across the so-called “feminist” website The Frisky hawking the most obscene misogynistic filth I’ve ever seen. In between titillating articles called “11 Celeb Ladies Showing Off Their DSL (***k sucking lips)” and “10 Things Women Do With Their Boobs That Drive Men Crazy” was stashed this gem written by Jessica Wakeman, “Sarah Palin Calls Herself a Feminist: Promptly Renounces Feminism.” Well, yes dears, any thinking woman would renounce your brand of “feminism,” especially when it consists of reducing women into performing whores for the men in their lives. Where is the chapter on “pleasing your man by doing degrading things” in the “feminist” handbook exactly?

Sarah wisely said on Bill O’Reilly’s show,

I think there’s a lot of hypocrisy with women’s rights groups and those who proclaim to be the only ones who can wear that mantle of ‘feminist’ and they do not empower women.

She’s absolutely right. The women at The Frisky are going to have to explain to me how twirling tassels on your tatas to impress a guy is empowering.

The gals at The Frisky claim that Sarah Palin isn’t a real feminist because … well I have no idea. They are that incoherent, but I’ll give it a try.

My personal definition of feminism comes from my friend (and Frisky contributor) Courtney E. Martin, who I once heard say “feminism is what’s good for most of the women most of the time.” I would amend that statement to say “feminism is what’s good for everyone most of the time.”

I would like to ask Ms. Wakeman if the following sound like experiences that are good for anyone most of the time:

I will never have another one-night-stand without using a condom. I got gonorrhea. I felt like a f**king after-school special

One guy wanted me to slap him in the face. While I do occasionally enjoy giving a good slap in bed, the face is too intimate.

I won’t, however, let a guy smack me in the face during sex again. The one who did did it without permission, but it wasn’t hot

My high school boyfriend spanked me with a coat hanger that he’d twisted into a paddle shape. That left a welt

Just go through with the sex even though he started acting weird, lame, or crazy once we got back to my place. I swear, I will kick out the next weirdo! Bad sex is worse than no sex.

Make out with another girl to get my boyfriend off. Turns out, I’m not even a little gay.

I would like to say anal, but I just know I have too many men in my future for that to be true. Sigh.

These quotes came from an article called “16 Things We’d Never Do Again in Bed.” The idea that any of these women actually did these things in the first place proves sites like The Frisky are anything but helpful to women. They pride themselves on encouraging outlandish sexual exploration which clearly leads to the physical and emotional abuse listed above.

Can we talk about that last one for a minute?

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