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Baa baa black sheep!

Posted on December 28 2010 6:45 am
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4. Welfare. Clinton vigorously opposed welfare reform until Republicans forced him to sign on to it, and he threatens to undo the reforms in place. Yet welfare reform has liberated thousands of black Americans from the prospect of lifetime dependence on government handouts, at minimal levels of existence.

5. Gun control. Clinton and the Democrats oppose concealed weapons permits, yet inner-city blacks remain the most vulnerable to violent crime. Meanwhile, studies show that in states that allow concealed weapons, murder rates have fallen.

6. Opposition to school choice. Threats of Clinton vetoes and Democratic opposition to voucher programs denies poor blacks the same options Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson and other Democratic leaders take to rescue their own kids from the traps of dangerous and failing public schools by sending them to the private schools of their choice.

7. Opposition to the privatization of Social Security. Blacks have shorter life expectancies than whites and thus stand to gain less from Social Security benefits they are forced to fund, and would gain enormously by being able to control their own retirement funds.

8. Expansion of government in health care. Government-mandated health insurance programs have vastly increased the costs of health care and decreased the chances that small businesses can afford ample benefit programs for their employees. “As usual, the least skilled and most vulnerable get whacked the most.”

9. Abuse of black friends such as Vernon Jordan and Betty Currie, whom Clinton lured into positions of legal jeopardy through self-serving lies.

10. Expansion of the war on drugs. In this area, black leaders have employed a double standard, opposing drug laws that penalize urban blacks disproportionately while remaining silent over Clinton’s responsibility for these measures.

11. The Race Advisory Board, which has promoted the tired liberal red herring that what ails black America is a “lack of understanding” on the part of whites, instead of welfare dependency, bad schools, illegitimacy and criminal behavior.

12. The reopening of the inquiry into the assassination of Martin Luther King. The original investigation headed by black liberal congressman Louis Stokes, D-Ohio, closed the case years ago, after proving that James Earl Ray was the assassin. “Re-opening the case keeps the ‘blacks-are-victims’ cottage industry pumping.”

13. The White House defense of lying under oath, which puts blacks who are more likely to suffer from the perjuries of law enforcement officers at greater risk.

14. Expansion of hate crime legislation, which exaggerates the frequency of such crimes, while depreciating the significance of the same race crimes from which blacks suffer most.

15. The war on cigarettes, whose tax penalties will fall disproportionately on lower-income people who smoke more and can afford the taxes less.

It is not necessary to agree with all or even most of these points to see that there is no particular reason why the black community should vote like the populations of communist countries, who lack the ability to exercise free choice. By contrast, for example, the Asian community in California split 55-45 percent in the race pitting a Chinese-American, Matt Fong, against incumbent Sen. Barbara Boxer (Fong actually got the smaller portion of Asian votes). But while black Americans do not live in a totalitarian country, those blacks who do dissent from the liberal party line experience a level of hostility and intimidation in their own community that is unusual for democracies.

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