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Bill Ayers Claims Calling Him A Terrorist Is A White Supremacist Plot

Posted on December 27 2010 12:00 pm
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As part of his never-ending quest for a legitimacy American society will never grant him, would-be terrorist mass murderer Bill Ayers keeps talking, and amazingly, some people keep listening. The self-important, bloviating traitor now claims that attacks launched against Barack Obama when he was running for president have no basis in fact. Attempting his own version of the Hitlerian “Big Lie” propaganda technique, Ayers claims the idea that he was an anti-American terrorist was somehow created out of thin air.

Part of that project [to discredit Obama] was to create some shadowy characters that Obama hung out with. A fiery black nationalist preacher. A Palestinian scholar with ties to the PLO. A terrorist who wanted to bring down his government –this was the narrative– and a white preacher who sided with black people again and again. So this is what Hillary Clinton invented and don’t forget she was the one who invented it.

Ayers continued saying in a radio interview, “the people that they picked to be villains, Jeremiah Wright, Father [Michael] Pfleger, Rashid Khalidi, myself, none of those people were the cartoon characters they wanted us to be.”

Donning his tinfoil hat, Ayers further claimed that Hillary Clinton offered the characterization of him as a terrorist as part of some bizarre white supremacist conspiracy.

Of course, no one painted Ayers and friends as cartoon characters — and it’s pretty hard to imagine Hillary as a Klansman.

Wright was depicted, accurately, as a fiery black nationalist preacher. Khalidi was depicted, accurately, as a Palestinian scholar with (intimate) ties to the PLO. Ayers was depicted, accurately, as a terrorist who went on the record time and time again as wanting to bring down his government. Only with Pfleger may Ayers’s complaint hold a grain of truth. Pfleger sided not with black people again and again, but with radicalism. Pfleger urged the use of violence against one of his political opponents, a gun shop owner named John Riggio.

Ayers is going to find out the hard way that sweeping his own past under the rug isn’t going to be as easy as accusing his critics of being cartoonists.

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